The message from UK: Apply soon to the EU Settlement Scheme

UK's Settlement scheme

The European Union Settlement Scheme was launched in 2019 to help EU citizens living in the UK to register under 2 possible statuses namely:

  • Settled status
  • Pre-settled status

Those who get the Settled status can stay back and work in UK as long as they desire, but under certain conditions. Those with Settled status will continue to have all the same rights they enjoyed in the UK as to education, employment, public funds, and welfare.

Since the Scheme was introduced, over 5.6 million EU citizens have applied for registration under it. 3.3 million people have been given settled or pre-settled statuses so far.

The following is a list of countries and the number of applications received from the people belonging to those countries, as per official statistics:

  • Polish – 697,900
  • Romanian – 590,100
  • Italian – 363,600

From the EEA citizens residing in England, the number of applications came as follows:

  • Scotland – 180,700
  • Wales – 59,400
  • Northern Ireland – 59,700

Kevin Foster, the UK’s Minister for Future Borders and Immigration, expressed great joy in 3.3 million people already having obtained their status under the EU Settlement Scheme. He reiterated the relation between European citizens with the UK as friends, colleagues, lovers, and neighbors.

He pressed on the point that there’s time for application only till June 30, 2021, which leaves only close to a year to reach the deadline. He urged EU citizens to apply as early as possible.

The EU Settlement Scheme is also intended for Swiss citizens.

Huge spending has already been made to advertise the campaign for EU Settlement Scheme, and more is to be pumped in. The aim is also to help the vulnerable citizens apply to the Scheme.

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