Feasible ways to reach Australia from Dubai

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The Temporary work visa (subclass 403) authorizes government officials, technical personnel, scientists and experts from the fields of science, innovation, and research to make it to Australia on a temporary basis. There are five feasible ways to reach Australia.

  • Government agreement stream allows people to use this path after a bilateral signed agreement between the Australian Government and the government of another country from where the applicant hails from. A signatory statement agreeing to the conditions between Australia and another country owing to the fact that the applicant will be employed and be engaged according to the Australian labor laws.

A detailed document as to how long the post offered lasts. An advantage here is the accompanying of the family members. A copy of the agreement with the government of Australia is mandatory.

  • Foreign government agency stream through this stream the facilitator, teacher or tutor will be sent through an invitation to teach in an Australia school. The subclass 995 Diplomatic visa will be issued on a temporary basis. The applicant should apply as a foreign government employee a letter of support from the foreign ministry stating the representation and the length of stay.
  • Domestic worker stream authorizes the holder of the Diplomatic subclass 995 to invite a domestic helper who is above the age of 18 to take up full-time domestic duties. A letter which will make the process better is a supporting document from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade supporting the applicant to be issued with a temporary visa.
  • Seasonal worker program a temporary work gateway into selected industries where the employment of local labor is skeletal.
  • Privileges and immunities stream is a temporary entry for those people who are affiliated with overseas missions and international organizations. A letter from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade supports the issuance of a temporary visa.

How to apply for this visa

All the documents must be copies of the original documents. And in case if any true copies are submitted, they will be returned through courier once the verification is complete. You should be creating an online Immiaccount. And the documents should be converted to a PDF format not exceeding 5MB. The processing time might vary based on the pathway and you will receive notifications through email keeping you posted about the status of your visa application.

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