Quebec City urgently needs extra immigrants to fill 17,000 job vacancies: Mayor


The Quebec City is facing an acute shortage of workers and it urgently needs extra immigrants to fill 17,000 job vacancies. This has been revealed by Régis Labeaume the Mayor of Quebec City. The newly released list of annual priorities by the Mayor is topped by Immigration.

Labeaume said that the severe scarcity of workers is the most hazardous issue. It can endanger the economic growth of the region, he added. There is no time for good intentions, or studies, or observations, said the Mayor.

Régis Labeaume elaborated that the Quebec City is getting just 6% of the new immigrants arriving at the province annually. However, the city needs minimum 10% of the immigrants, he added. This implies extra 5,300 immigrants annually. Alternatively, 2,000 immigrants need to be added over the existing levels, he explained, as quoted by the CIC News.

The immigration system of Quebec also needs to be improved by the next Government, said the Mayor.  The application processing times need to be reduced and immigration process must be simplified, he added. This is specifically in the areas of Overseas Degrees and Professional Experience elaborated Labeaume.

The Mayor stressed the requirement for immigrants speaking French. Majority of the residents of the Quebec City region speak French as the 1st language, he said. This is a French City and immigrants have 2 ways to succeed. Obtaining a job and speaking the local language, he elaborated. The City has jobs. If the immigrants can speak French, it will lead to absolute success, he explained.

The current Mayor also challenged the contenders for the office. He asked them the numbers of immigrants they would accept if elected as the Quebec City Mayor.

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