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Posted on February 27 2021

Quebec making big investment to increase the number of immigrants

By  Editor
Updated July 25 2023

The Canadian province of Quebec is investing over $8 million into its community program aimed at promoting the sustainable establishment of immigrants and their families in the region. The PAC program seeks immigrants to fully take part in the vitality of all regions of the francophone province of Quebec. The contribution of immigrants is thus expected in the economic recovery of Quebec.

With the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, Quebec’s immigration numbers have fallen considerably. IRCC reveals that there has been a fall in Canada PR population in Quebec by 37.9% in 2020; i.e., from 40,565 to 25,195.

Almost a third of those who arrived in Quebec in 2020 on a Canada PR visa came via family sponsorship programs. In numbers, it comes to 7,765 new immigrants. To keep these newcomers comfortable and feel accepted, co-ops and non-profit organizations are being invited to submit proposals to give support to the integration of immigrants in the province. The new immigrants must settle into Quebec’s communities smoothly so that they stay on and become beneficial to the province.

In 2020, the Government of Quebec invested $1.7 million in the PAC. It was to fuel the 68 projects spread in 76 municipalities and regional municipalities. Quebec supports immigrants with services offered via 72 outlets in the province. This was only the first leg of the PAC.

The second leg of the PAC came only weeks after Quebec had its latest immigration procedures guide published. However, this guide included the values test for immigrants that became controversial. The new guide makes it required for foreign nationals and their family members aged above 18 years to show that they have knowledge of Quebec’s values and democratic values. These are laid out in Quebec’s charter of human rights and freedoms.

The requirement in the new guide is only not applicable to those who are restricted by a medical condition.

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