How to check if you qualify for an Australian Visa?


The Australian Permanent Residence Visa is one of the coveted in the world. Australia also has an increasing demand for skilled professionals. 

If you too aspire to obtain an Australian Visa, here’s how you can check if you qualify for the same: 

  1. Age 

To apply for an Australian Visa you should be less than 45 years of age. 

  1. English Proficiency 

Australia is primarily an English-speaking country. English is used not only in day-to-day life but also in the workspace. Thus, you must be proficient in the English language to qualify for an Australian Visa. 

  1. Occupation 

Your skills and qualifications should match an occupation which is in demand in Australia. Looking up the Skilled Occupation Lists of Australia may help you to find your matching occupation. 

  1. Skill Assessment 

You should have relevant work experience to your nominated occupation. Before you apply for an Australian Visa you need to get your work experience and qualifications assessed by a recognized Authority. You would be able to apply for an Australian Visa only if you get a positive Skill Assessment, as quoted by SBS News. 

  1. Character Assessment 

You should be of sound character and have no criminal cases against you. You would need to provide a Police Clearance Certificate as evidence of the same. 

  1. Health Assessment 

You have to be of sound health when applying for an Australian Visa. For the same, you need to undergo a medical examination. The results of the medical examination are valid for a year. In case, your Visa application takes more than a year, you would need to re-do your medical exam. 

One needs to meet all of the above criteria to qualify for an Australian Visa.  

It is also mandatory for all applicants to meet the points score on the GSM points test. One needs to score a minimum of 65 points in order to qualify for an Australian Visa. 

The immigration system of Australia targets applicants who have exceptional skills and technical abilities. 

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