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Posted on July 12 2022

Processing time for employer-sponsored green cards rises

By Editor
Updated July 25 2023
  Waiting time for employer-sponsored green cards rises


  • The waiting time for the processing of visas was reduced to 1.6 years in 2016. Earlier, the waiting time was 1.9 years.
  • The employers have the option to pay 2500 USD if they want to speed up the green card process.
  • The additional charges would reduce the time to approximately 2.5 years.


The processing time for the green cards sponsored by the employers would be more than three years in 2022. The processing time for the employer-sponsored US green card has been extended. One has to wait for three years in 2022. Although, paying a fee of 2,500 USD could reduce the waiting period by almost seven months. It would decrease the waiting period to 2 years and five months. In 2016, the waiting period for green card processing was 1.6 years. *Wish to migrate to USA? Y-Axis is here to offer assistance.

Reasons for employer-sponsored green card delays

The delay in processing is an additional inconvenience to the waiting time for the cap slot of a green card. Potential candidates have to wait, sometimes even for years, for the slots to be available within the annual limits. The employer-sponsored applicants have to go through 6 steps, which include a stage of pre-filing. It requires the candidate and employer to submit the necessary documents as proof of their eligibility for the green card. It is followed by the Department of Labour of the US assessing the existing wages, level of skills, and the area code. Due to reassessing the wage, the wait time has increased three times, from 76 days in 2016 to 182 days in 2022. The process has led to huge backlogs in the processing time for the employer-sponsored immigration system. A backlog of workers also delays the process. Such delays might affect The US's performance in the competition for talent global talent. The other countries process the green cards in a few weeks or months. Read more: USCIS to speed up H-1B visa processing Top 10 most expensive cities in the world for migrants in 2022 Only fresh students to get F1 visa to study in USA this summer – says Heflin

Changes in the green card processing fee

The employers have the option to pay a fee of 2,500 USD rather than the regular 700 USD processing fee to know the response within 15 days. In 2016, the processing time was reduced from 1.9 years earlier to 1.6 years, given that the applicant pays a premium fee of 2,500 USD. The American government has added close to 16 months in the processing time of the average green card since 2016. It also increased a year in 2021 and 2022 consecutively. Do you want to migrate to USA? Contact Y-Axis, the leading Overseas Immigration Consultant in the UAE. If you found this blog helpful, you may want to read… DHS makes a $20 million push to help immigrants to get US citizenship


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