What is the penalty for overstaying your UAE Visa?

The UAE is home to millions of expatriates from all over the world. It also receives a huge number of international visitors from different countries of the world. So what is common between these expatriates and the visitors? All of them arrive in the UAE on a Visa. 

Regardless of your Visa type-Tourist, Business or Resident Visa, it is important that you abide by the rules of the UAE. It is also equally important that you do not overstay your Visa duration in the UAE. 

In the unforeseen circumstance that you are forced to stay for longer than what is allowed, you must be aware of the penalty that you need to pay. 

The UAE allows you to stay for up to 10 days in the country after your Visa expires. So, if you leave the UAE within these 10 days, you do not need to pay any fine. 

Once these 10 days are over, you will start to incur fines. These fines will increase gradually, the longer you overstay in the UAE. 

If you are on a Tourist or Visitor Visa, you will have to pay a fine of Dh 200 on the first day of your overstay. For every additional day that you overstay, after the grace period is over, you will need to pay Dh 100 per day. You will also need to pay a service fee of Dh 100 at the airport or the immigration office at the time of exiting the country. 

Hence, for overstaying your Tourist or Visitor Visa, your fine is calculated as under: 

Dh 200 ( for the first day) + (Dh 100* consequent days of overstay)+Dh 100= Total fine for overstaying 

If you are on a Resident Visa, you get a grace period of 30 days. You may either exit the UAE or renew your expired Resident Visa. During these 30 days, you will not incur any fine. However, once the 30-day grace period is over, you will be fined Dh 125 on the first day. For every consecutive day of overstay, you will be fined Dh 25 per day. 

If you have overstayed your Resident Visa for more than six months, your fine increases to Dh 50 per day after six months. If you have overstayed for a year, the daily fine is Dh 100 per day. 

What should you do if your Visa is about to expire? 

If you are on a Visitor Visa and your Visa is about to expire, you should either exit the country or apply for an extension. All Tourist and Visitor Visas can be extended for up to 30 days twice. You do not need to exit the country to apply for the extension. 

Applying for a renewal for the second time before the first visa expires will cost Dh 600 for each renewal. 

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