How to check your UAE Visa status using your passport?

How to check your UAE Visa status using your passport?

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Checking your UAE Visa status is a drill that most UAE residents go through every couple of years. 

It is quite easy to remember the month that your Visa expires; however, remembering the date is the tricky part. So when the month approaches, we end up flipping through the pages of our passport. 

But we don’t usually carry our passport with us at all times, do we? So what do we do then? 

All you need is your passport number and the passport date of expiry. Hence, if you have a photo or scanned copy of your passport, you are all set. 

To check the validity of your Visa, all you need to do is go on to the FAIC (Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship) website. Then you need to follow the below steps to check your Visa status: 

  1. Visit the link Https:// 
  2. Select the radio button that says “Passport Information. 
  3. Select either “Visa” or “Residency. 
  4. Enter your passport number and the date of expiry of your passport 
  5. Select your nationality from the drop-down box. You will see a corresponding number appear on the left box. 
  6. Click on “Search”. The page will display your Visa status along with the date of expiry. 

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