Paying the price – Entry bans for misrepresentation in Canada

How to get your Canada PR Visa application banned

A recent case that came up in the Canadian federal court throws light on the consequences of furnishing false or incomplete information while applying for Canada immigration visa applications. If you are found to have given such information, you will be asked for a satisfactory explanation. In case you fail there, you could be handed over a 5-year ban on applying for any sort of status including Canada PR.

The case in the spotlight

The is about a Mexican national who arrived in Canada in 2013 on a Canada visitor visa. She used several visas, work, visitor, and study visas to prolong her stay in Canada. In 2019, she applied for a PGWP which was rejected by IRCC that was concerned that she might leave Canada before or upon the expiration of her authorized stay.

So, she applied for an eTA. To the question asked during application whether she was ever been refused entry or visa extension while she was in Canada, she answered in the negative. As IRCC had doubts about her reply, she was sent a letter expressing their concerns and the possibility of her becoming inadmissible upon failing to furnish material information. She responded by saying that she misunderstood the question and declared that she was indeed denied a PGWP.

In the legal standoff that followed after she put in a request for judicial review, IRCC declared that she had committed misrepresentation and the court corroborated the stance of IRCC.

This case proves the point that as eager you are to immigrate to Canada, so prudent and transparent you should be with the information you share with the IRCC while filing an application. Otherwise, you will end uplosing your eligibility to enter Canada for years together.

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PGWP – Post Graduate Work Program

IRCC – Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

eTA – Electronic Travel Authorization

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