Over 1 million job vacancies need more skilled hands to work in Canada

1 million jobs were lying vacant in Canada in Sep 2021-1

The Canadian labor market is giving an interesting status that will be of interest to you if you are ready to work in Canada. Right now, there are over 1 million unfilled jobs in Canada and the country is aggressively seeking skilled workers to fill them.

As of September 2021, Canada had close to 1,015,000 unfilled vacancies. In Ottawa, the job vacancy rate shot up from 3% in December 2020, to 6% in September 2021. The largest number of unfilled jobs were in high-contact industries like hospitality. The hotels and food-services sector themselves contributed 14.4% of the job vacancies as of September 2021.

Employers are currently recruiting workers at a much higher as the Canadian economy is recovering gradually from the COVID-19 crisis period.

It’s comparatively a better position for Canada to have 0.8 vacancies for every job seeker while the same is 1.4 vacancies in the US. This came out from the research done by Mikal Skuterud, a labor economics professor at the University of Waterloo.

Statistics Canada found that earnings have increased for those who work in Canada. Earnings were up by 2.6% as of September 2021.

So, this could be the best time for skilled and qualified professionals out there to find their way to Canada to build a career.

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