The new UK immigration system and its Canadian connection

UK's new immigration system

The UK will be implementing a points-based immigration system, similar to the Canadian system, on Jan 1, 2021. But the UK immigration system will have some notable differences from the Canadian immigration system.

In the UK’s new immigration system, the UK will priority to highly skilled individuals with qualifications in areas like technology, academic science, and scientific disciplines.

The guidelines for the UK’s latest immigration system were published on July 13, 2020. To apply under the new immigration system, applicants will have to adhere to certain criteria.

Candidates will be assessed on the basis of professions, salaries, qualifications, and skills. Visas will be issued only to those who have gained 70 points that are needed to apply for a visa.

In the 70 points, 50 points go for English skills and for getting a job offer in their field of training from an approved sponsor. The remaining 20 points are constituted with factors such as:

  • a Ph.D. in a field relevant to their work
  • a job in an occupation with a labour shortage
  • minimum wage threshold

A detailed breakdown of the points under the UK’s new points-based system is as follows:

  • Job offer – 20 points (*required)
  • Job has a relevant skill level – 20 points (*required)
  • English language skills – 10 points (*required)
  • Job has a salary between £23,040 and £25,599 – 10 points
  • Job has a salary above £25,600 – 20 points
  • Job has a shortage of manpower – 20 points
  • An applicant has a PhD – 10 points
  • An applicant has a PhD in engineering, math, technology, and science -20 points

Comparison of British system and Canadian system

Similarities includes:

  • Both allocates points for specific occupations, pre-arranged jobs, and skills
  • Both takes into account a broad range of other qualifications like adaptability profiles, age, and work experience of highly skilled workers who apply for permanent residency

In Canada, highly skilled foreign workers submit a profile via the Express Entry system. It helps Canada immigration by creating a pool of candidate profiles that comes under the FSWP (Federal Skilled Worker Program). The candidates must score a minimum 67 points of that includes:

  • Adaptability – 10 points max
  • Arranged employment in Canada – 10 points max
  • Age – 12 points max
  • Education – 25 points max
  • Work experience – 15 points max
  • Language skills – 28 points max

Every nation develops immigration policies that work in their best interests. The UK’s new immigration reforms and their outcomes is also expected to work best for the country.

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