What you must know about the UAE Long-term Visa system?


In November 2018, a new Long-term Visa system was announced by the UAE Cabinet. The UAE Long-term Visa would let Overseas Workers stay in the country for 10 years. The Visa system applies to the following professionals –

  • Investors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Science specialists
  • Outstanding students

As quoted by Relocate Global, the announcement was made by the Dubai Media Office. Earlier this year, the country had planned to issue Residency Visa for up to 10 years. The UAE Long-term Visa is a result of that plan.

Let’s have a look at some of the most important eligibility criteria of the UAE Long-term visa system.


Overseas Investors get a chance to enter the country for a 6-month period while their UAE Long-term Visa is being processed. They receive a multiple-entry Visa permit until they have the Residency Visa in hand. The criteria they must fulfill are –

  • Overseas Investors buying property worth DH5 million will get a 5-year Residency Visa
  • Immigrants investing at least DH10 million will receive a renewable 10-year Residency Visa
  • To be eligible to get a 10-year Visa, one must meet below conditions
    • They should make public investments worth DH10 million
    • They should invest in an established company in the UAE
    • They can invest in a business partnership
  • The invested amount should be wholly owned by the investor
  • Investors cannot loan the amount 


Overseas Entrepreneurs must own a business worth DH5 million to be eligible for the UAE Long-term Visa. Also, they should have the approval of an accredited business incubator in the UAE. The country will offer them a 5-year Residency Visa. They can further upgrade to an Investor’s Visa.

Immigrants will receive multiple-entry Visa to enter the country until they receive the Residency Visa. The Visa can be extended to spouse, kids and business partners.

Science specialists 

Overseas Researchers and Specialists will get a 10-year Residency Visa in the UAE. They must have expertise in the following fields –

  • Science
  • Medicine
  • Health
  • Art
  • Culture

However, applicants must hold a job offer from the country. They should have a Ph.D. from one of the top 500 Universities in the world. Their work must have been published by a renowned publication.

Outstanding students

Overseas Students owning a grade of 95 percent or above in secondary school will be eligible for the Visa. Also, graduates with a GPA of 3.75 can get the UAE Long-term Visa. It’s a 5-year long Visa. The Visa can be extended to family members.

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