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Posted on June 06 2022

More foreigners and 50,000 non-EU Spain Study Visa holders to work in Spain

By Editor
Updated July 25 2023

News highlights

  • Spain to grant more temporary work permits to foreigners.
  • Spain to let around 50,000 non-EU students combine study with work.
  • Spain has job vacancies in various occupational areas and in various job roles.

What’s Spain looking for?

Spain needs more workers to fill the job vacancies that are currently open in a range of occupations in key industries. Companies in industries such as tourism, construction, and agriculture are reeling under the pressure to find more hands at work to meet the labor market demand.

The country is trying to issue more temporary work visas to bring more foreign nationals to fill job vacancies in Spain. The country will also participate non-EU nationals in Spain on a Spain study visa into the country’s workforce.

Scope for non-EU nationals working in Spain

Skilled workers are sought in Spain in key industries such as:


Annual wages

€18,000 to €24,000 per annum


€24,000 to €30,000 per annum
Healthcare (Doctors)

€30,000 to €36,000 per annum

Also, there are plans to rope in international students to contribute to solving the labor issue in Spain.

The Government of Spain is planning to let around 50,000 students from non-EU countries combine studies with work.

This move comes along with the new policy of relaxing the work permit rules so that more foreigners can participate in the country’s economic sectors.

How good is Spain for international students to work?

First things first, the Spain Student Visa in itself has no power to enable students to work. However, there’s a provision for work authorization that will allow international students to work in certain categories of jobs. Another way to work in Spain as a student is by joining curricular or extracurricular internships.

More about work authorization for non-EU nationals who study in Spain

The work authorization granted in Spain won’t count as a work visa for international students. Their status as students in Spain will remain intact. The time spent by the student studying in Spain won’t be counted to calculate the number of days necessary when working on a citizenship application. This is true even with the work authorization that’s granted to them.

*To learn more about the possibilities of a Spain Study Visa, visit here.

The work authorization allows international students to combine their studies with a part-time job. It helps them with the possibility of extra earnings during their tenure of study in Spain.

What's foreigners helping Spain to solve?

Here are some facts on the issues related to Spain’s economy that needs redressal sooner:

  • Businesses in Spain are finding it difficult to take a flight from the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic as it’s becoming difficult to find employees for jobs at the expert as well as lower levels.
  • There are pandemic recovery projects that run on the funding from the EU that are feared to be affected if the country can’t find enough workforce.
  • Among the countries that have been hit the most by the COVID-19 pandemic is Spain. The economy of the country shrunk by 11% in 2020 when the pandemic hit.

With more work permits issued to skilled candidates, Spain is ensuring that its policies will redress the imminent need for filling job vacancies.

Even for international students from non-EU countries, the opportunity to get work authorization from Spain is a valuable opportunity. They can work for certain hours (20 hours) as stipulated in the Spain Student Visa criteria. These jobs could be at the mid and lower levels (considering expertise) with hourly wages. Yet, they can contribute to the collective effort to revive the country’s economy.

If you are willing to work in Spain, talk to Y-Axis, the leading immigration and career consultant in the UAE.

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