UK works on spouse visa over criticism on guidelines

UK visa guidance

There has been controversy lately in the UK around its decision to set income levels for non-EU spouses of UK wanting UK migration. By stipulating a minimum wage level needed for non-EU spouses of UK citizens, they are forced to stay away and separated.

These spouses who are eligible for the UK Spouse Visas will now need to satisfy the stipulation of the current income threshold set at £18,600 per annum. This situation becomes dire given the income losses incurred due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Now, the UK government has issued a statement saying that couples who are dependent on spouse visas and have suffered a loss of income owing to the COVID-19 crisis will not suffer a disadvantage. Moreover, their earnings prior to the COVID-19 situation will be considered apart from the salaries they earned during the pandemic.

The UK’s Home Office, of which the UK Visas and Immigration is a part, has also stated that spouse visa holders who have been furloughed will be treated as if they were getting full wages in earnings.

The Home Office’s rapid change of guidelines has been drawing a lot of heat on the government. Hence, staying updated regularly will be more necessary than being helpful.

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