Many work in Canada opportunities in construction to be up for grabs

Canadian construction industry needs hundreds of thousands of workers as economy rebounds

There are jobs in the thousands now expected to be available in the Canadian construction industry in the coming decade. Canada is on a mission to attract immigrants to work in Canada, filling these new jobs, as is evident from a report released by BuildForce Canada.

The construction industry in Canada will soon face a big challenge. The country will have to recruit over 309,000 new skilled workers so that the retirees are replaced and the demand is met without issues.

Buildforce Canada is a national organization that dedicates itself to developing a highly-skilled workforce for the construction industry in Canada. Though it expects to fill all those jobs to be filled by Canadians, some of them will be requiring skilled foreign workers too.

The organization expects that Canada’s construction industry will have a shortage of around 81,000 workers to work in Canada by 2030.

The under-representation of immigrants in the construction industry is soon expected to change. The requirement of foreign workers in the construction industry is expected to be more noticed in British Columbia.

To attract more foreigners to work in Canada in its construction industry, changes in the Canada immigration policy are required.

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