Many more immigrants to find opportunity to work in Canada in 2021

Demand for skilled immigrants booms in Canada as workers retire

The expectation is high that the demand for skilled and talented immigrants to become part of the country’s workforce filling vacant jobs will exponentially increase in 2021. This will be unfolding as companies get their operations back on track and their workers, who work in Canada begin to retire or quit their jobs in large numbers in comparison to 2020.

This was expressed in a statement issued by eminent economist Andrew Agopsowicz. His observation was that much lesser individuals were prepared to leave their jobs while the COVID-19 was at its peak position in Canada. It was also his revelation that the labor market uncertainty in the period the COVID-19 pandemic pushed matters towards a significant dip in job exits made voluntarily.

The Canadian economy is bouncing back. Many people are doing reviews of their options to work in Canada. They are choosing to quit or retire from their jobs. These activities are beginning to get back to levels seen before the COVID-19 crisis.

The current situation

  • In June 2021, nearly 3 times the workers quit their work in Canada (16,700) in comparison to June 2020.
  • Andrew figures that 125,000 workers in Canada will possibly retire in the second half of 2021.
  • On top of that, a growing number of job vacancies are opening up (550,000) in Q1 of 2021.

Translating the developments for Canada immigration

In the current situation, lots of opportunities for foreign workers will be opened. These workers have kept their hopes alive to move to Canada taking part in various economic programs.

Immigration programs like GTS and TFWP are comparatively quicker solutions to fix the labor shortage problem for Canadian employers. Under these programs, Canadian visa application processing and processing of work permits are done within 2 weeks.

Andrew has also found a tremendous pressure building on Canada’s labor market. This may be felt in industries where employment levels have returned to levels before the pandemic crisis picked up.

Canada’s international travel restrictions – an update

Canada is planning to reopen its borders and allow international travel for non-essential purposes. This will be from September 7, 2021, if the COVID-19 cases stay low. Until then, it seems unlikely that immigration will become a quick fix for employers to find a solution to their labor shortage issue.

As Andrew finds it, with shortages growing, Canada will be forced to urgently focus on new and under-utilized sources of labor. These will include immigration, women, and visible minorities. However, in the short run, these sources won’t be offering much relief in the situation persisting in the labor market.

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