Manitoba’s EOI draw offers provincial nomination to 142 candidates

Manitoba's EOI draw offers provincial nomination to 142 candidates

Here’s news from Manitoba. On June 7, 2021, the Canadian province of Manitoba held an EOI draw. In the draw, MPNP issued invitations to apply for a provincial nomination to candidates under various streams. These immigration streams were:

  • Skilled Workers in Manitoba
  • Skilled Workers Overseas
  • International Education Stream

Here’s how the LAAs were issued to candidates under each stream during this EOI draw.

Skilled Workers in Manitoba

This immigration stream from MPNP issued 95 LAAs with a minimum ranking score stipulation for candidates set at 375 points.

Skilled Workers Overseas

Under this stream, which involves skilled workers from beyond Canada, 25 LAAs were issued. These candidates were invited by MPNP directly under a Strategic Recruitment Initiative.

The minimum ranking score required from each candidate was 708.

International Education Stream

22 LAAs were issued to candidates for the International Education Stream.

Of the total number of LAAs (142 nos.) issued in this EOI draw, 13 LAAs went to immigration candidates who declared having an Express Entry ID deemed valid as well as a validation code.

Eligibility of candidates for the EOI draw

For immigration candidates to be eligible for the EOI draw they need to meet certain criteria. Here they are:

  • EOIs from candidates of Skilled Worker Overseas stream have been considered only if:
    • MPNP directly sent them invitation under a Strategic Recruitment initiative; or
    • they possess an IRCC Express Entry ID as well as a job seeker validation code
  • Only invited candidates holding a job seeker validation code and an IRCC Express Entry ID will have eligibility to secure a nomination in case they have a valid Express Entry profile when conducting the assessment of the application.
  • If the candidate’s score stands above the score of the lowest-ranked candidate, but he/she haven’t got an LAA, it could be due to the following reasons:
    • The candidate has indicated that he/she has taken a third-party language test that’s approved to demonstrate his/her skills in the English/French language, but haven’t provided a Test Number deemed valid in his/her EOI or his/her language test is no more valid due to expiry
    • The candidate has indicated that he/she has got an ITA to the MPNP under a Strategic Initiative but didn’t give a valid Invitation Number
    • The candidate must be mindful of the fact that for each question asked in the EOI, help text is made available that provides information in detail on what you should enter in the form. If any of these scenarios are applicable to the candidate, he/she may wish to update his/her EOI with the information provided correctly so that his/her application is considered from the EOI pool in the next draw.
  • Candidates who gave the indication that they are employed in an occupation that’s regulated and that they are fully licensed to work in Manitoba, have got selected in the June 7 draw. However, the MPNP may refuse to accept or may not accept filled applications from those candidates who aren’t truly working in an occupation that’s regulated and/or those candidates who fail to give proof of having undergone every necessary step in licensing to be working in Manitoba. If this applies to a candidate, he/she may want to consider declining the LAA issued to him/her.

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LAA – Letters of Advice to Apply

EOI – Expression of Interest

MPNP – Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

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