New booming demand for Data Scientists needed at work in Canada

New Brunswick, Canada urgently needs Data Scientists and Engineers - NOC 2172

The best news for those seeking skilled employment in the IT sector to work in Canada is that the Canadian province of New Brunswick has announced fresh recruitment for IT specialists. The opportunities currently open for registration include:

  • Data Scientists & Data Engineers
  • Database Analysts & Data Administrators

Candidates who satisfy the requirements put forth by the New Brunswick province must register before June 15, 2021.

Why are professionals upbeat about this opportunity to work in Canada?

Data Scientists may well be the sexiest job of the present times. The commoners may be barely aware of what the job means why it’s trending.

To put it in simple terms, Data Scientists deal with how to collect, apply, and analyze data with the help of a machine-learning model to solve the problems of the real world.

In Canada, it’s literally a boom time for data scientists. Employers in sectors such as finance, insurance, auto, travel, shipping, education, and utilities. One reason for the rising demand for data scientists is increasing automation of processes and streamlining the enterprise’s productivity through smart mechanisms that can optimally organize and utilize data.

The ICTC (Information & Communications Technology Council) considers data scientists as one of the top 15 in-demand digital jobs going through 2023. In this period, ICTC also foresees a demand getting created for over 305,000 skilled talents to work in Canada in its digital technology sector.

It’s a fact that Fortune 500 companies are literally seeking experts in data science. These companies require their expertise to leverage their productivity by generating valuable insights lying undiscovered in the heaps of data.

Data Scientists will give a structure to this vast data, analyze it, and combine it with artificial intelligence and machine learning tools. This will generate highly trustable insights and predictions. With these achieved, companies can see greater efficiency in operations, and achieve lower costs of operations. Besides, they can get an edge in the competition by improving the quality of their services delivered to their clients.

Documents needed to apply for registration

To apply for the registration for this opportunity, you will need to upload digital copies of:

  • The photo page of your currently valid passport
  • Your completed CV
  • The results of your test for language skills (if available)
  • Your highest diploma or degree or ECA report (either if available)
  • The photo page of your partner or spouse’s passport as well as CV (optional)

So, hurry! Grab this opportunity to work in Canada in a skilled occupation for which so many companies are seeking IT experts like you!

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