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Posted on August 27 2022

Manitoba invites 353 candidates to apply for Canada PR through MPNP

By  Editor
Updated July 25 2023

Highlights of Manitoba PNP draw

  • Manitoba held a PNP draw on August 26, 2022, and send 353 ITAs or Invitations to Apply.
  • The PNP pool had candidates from skilled workers in Manitoba, the international education stream, and skilled workers overseas.
  • 79 applicants with a valid Express Entry ID and code for job seekers validation code were sent ITAs.

Abstract: Manitoba held a PNP draw on August 26, 2022, and welcomed 353 candidates to apply for Canada PR.

Manitoba, the Keystone province of Canada, held a draw for PNP or Provincial Nomination on August 26, 2022. The province issued 353 applicants an ITA for Canada PR or permanent residency under the provincial nomination. The candidates can register their profiles in the MPNP or Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. It aids in processing their application for Canada PR.

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Results of the Recent MPNP Draw

The details of the draw held on August 26, 2022, are given below:

Details of MPNP Draw
Type of Invitation Number of invites Score of lowest-ranked Candidate Invited
Skilled Workers 259 619
Skilled Workers Overseas 58 708
International Education Stream 36 NA


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What is Manitoba Immigration Programs?

The MPNP helps in the immigration programs of Manitoba. It processes the applications for immigration for the Canadian Federal Government. The provinces of Canada do not have the authority to grant Canada PR status to the immigrants. They help by processing the application for provincial nominations.

Application to the MPNP

If the candidates wish to apply for the nomination through MPNP, they need to submit an EOI or Expression of Interest application through the MPNP.

An LAA or Letter of Advice to Apply is sent through any of the streams of Skilled Workers Overseas, Skilled Workers, or international education stream in Manitoba.

Manitoba gives scores to the applicants out of 1,000 points. The score depends on factors of human capital and relations in Manitoba.

The three streams for Manitoba, that is, Skilled Workers Overseas, Skilled Workers , and International Education Stream in Manitoba, are designed to identify suitable applicants who can help in addressing the labor market needs of the province.

Requirements for the MPNP

The overseas candidates need to submit evidence of their association with the province of Manitoba by

  • Proof of family relations
  • Previous work experience
  • Invitation issued by Strategic Recruitment Initiatives of Manitoba
  • The candidates need not be present in the province at the time of application.
  • To be sent an invitation for either of the Strategic Recruitment Initiatives of Manitoba. The candidates need to have full-time employment from in Manitoba.

The international students who complete their studies from DLIs or Designated Learning Institutions in Manitoba are eligible for the invitation with the help of International Education stream if they can provide proof that they have the skills to be employed in the essential sectors facing shortage in workforce in the province.

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Manitoba PNP draw


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