Canada immigration braces as the UK, Australia, and the UAE ups their game

Canada to face tough competition as Australia, UK & UAE join the global battle for migrants (1)

This may well be a clash of the titans in the global immigration scene. This you may love to observe, but it has so much for you to learn and gain from. The latest buzz is that Canada immigration could face stiff competition from countries like the UK, the USA, Australia, and the UAE in the days to come!

The competition between Canada and other prominent immigration destinations isn’t any new phenomenon. In fact, even in 2021, countries like the UK, Australia, and the USA have been at the heels of Canada with their own measures to boost immigration.

For example, US President Joe Biden has been working on easing the path to immigration for foreign graduates. In the UK, PM Boris Johnson pledged that Britain would put “people before passports”. He also rolled out a “high potential individual” scheme in UK immigration. This scheme was about granting visas to foreigners who graduate from a recognized UK university even without a job offer.

Though it should take some real mettle to trump Canada in its own game of immigration, certain observations can’t be ignored about US immigration, UK immigration, Australia immigration, and even immigration in UAE. The major competition is in the area of post-graduate work opportunities and the possibility of immigration in that pathway.

Canada’s stronghold

Canada’s PGWP program is one of the easiest programs wherein foreign nationals who complete their advanced studies in Canada can stay back for up to 2 years and work in the country. It was just in April 2022 that Canadian immigration minister Joe Fraser made an important announcement in this regard. He announced that a new temporary policy will be introduced that will give international students who completed studies recently and have an expiring temporary status to extend their stay in the country. This way they can gain more work experience and can better qualify for Canada PR.

Counter by the UK

The PGWP scheme of Canada is challenged by the UK with the post-study Graduate Route that was introduced in 2021. This Route allows candidates with eligibility to stay back in the UK for not more than 3 years after their graduation from an institution in the UK.

Another move is launching a special HPI (High Potential Individual) visa in May 2022. With this visa, highly skilled foreign university graduates can stay in the UK and work for 2 or 3 years. The time they can stay will depend on the level of their degree.

Here too, applicants are not required to possess a job offer or sponsorship. Those who hold this visa can come to the UK to get employed, become self-employed, or become a volunteer.

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What’s Australia offering?

Australia is another major player in immigration. The country is now offering flexible work visas for international students. They may be UG students in Australian cities like Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. With this visa, they can work in Australia for 2 years after them completing study in Australia. If they have completed a Master’s course, they can work in Australia for 4 years.

Also, international students studying in Australian cities like Canberra, Perth, and Adelaide are allowed to extend their work study visas by up to 2 more years. This will be possible for them based on their course of study and location.

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The UAE pitches in!

It might surprise you that the UAE is stepping into the scene, competing with the countries we mentioned already! And why not? As it happens, the UAE has earned its place among other major migration destinations, especially in the area of overseas education and jobs abroad. There are many American and British universities in Dubai. The cost of pursuing world-class degrees at these universities is much lesser than what would be charged on the US and UK campuses.

International students are finding graduation from these institutions in Dubai and other areas of the UAE quite affordable and yet a source of potential for prospective employment. The UAE itself is presenting increasing opportunities for employment in specialized areas. In the UAE you get the opportunity to build a career advanced after studies.

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So, what does the scenario say?

You can utilize this new global scenario around immigration to choose between countries to study and settle in. While Canada is still ahead in the immigration race, you now even have countries like the UK, Australia, and the UAE to consider and explore as the opportunities to progress and prosper are increasing there too.

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