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Transit visa Australia

A travel visa is a basic requirement for overseas travel. In the course of travel across the borders of different countries, you may need to have a transit visa. This could be to do a stopover or a very short visit. A transit visa is valid for a very short period. The need for a transit visa depends on your nationality and your destination country. That given, you may need to have a transit visa so that you can make a connection in a foreign airport. You may even cross through a foreign country.

The transit visa rules are different for different nations. Let us see what the rules for a transit visa are for Australia.

Visa documents and other requirements for a transit visa

To transit through Australia, you must either have a valid visa or meet the criteria to Transit Without a Visa (TWOV).

If you don’t hold a visa allowing you to lawfully enter into Australia, you can submit an application for a Transit visa (subclass 771). This visa lets you transit via Australia for no more than 72 hours. At this time, you can wait for your onward flight. You can’t stay in Australia beyond this time. If you must stay longer you need to apply for a different visa.

New Zealand citizens who are eligible can transit through Australia on a Special Category visa (Subclass 444).

If you are a Pacific Islander or New Zealander transiting to Australia

You don’t need a transit exemption with a connecting flight booked, that departs to Australia within 72 hours of your arriving flight if you are:

  • A New Zealander
  • A Timor Lester citizen
  • A resident of New Caledonia
  • A resident of French Polynesia or
  • A citizen of a Pacific Island Forum country

You must be transiting through Australia to or from New Zealand or a Pacific Island Forum country. If your connecting flight makes you spend more than 72 hours in Australia, you won’t be considered to be transiting Australia. Then you will need to apply online to the Commissioner of the Australian Border Force (ABF) for an exemption from travel restrictions.

If you belong in other passengers

All other passengers must seek an exemption to be let to transit through Australia. You can apply online for such an exemption.

You will have to follow designated facilities for isolation and isolation requirements as stipulated by the relevant State and Territory authorities in health and police departments. These are applicable to you if you can’t complete the outbound transit from Australia on the same day as you arrived (i.e. within 8 hours).

State and territory authorities will look into exemptions to the mandatory 14-day quarantine period on an individual case basis. Each state and territory may exercise different degrees of consideration for passengers in transit.

Travelers must plan to transit through Australia, i.e. arrive and depart, on the same day.

  • Any family members who are accompanying and not exempt must apply for the Commissioner’s discretion.
  • You must be sure that you have a valid visa allowing you to transit through Australia.

If you need to leave the airport, you will be transferred to a designated facility to undergo self-isolation. You must stay in the designated facility until State or Territory authorities allow you to leave for your onward flight.

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