What is the latest update about PGP Canada?


Canada’s Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP) briefly opened on January 28th. However, within minutes IRCC announced that it had received sufficient applications and closed the intake.

Earlier IRCC had announced that it would accept 27,000 Interest to Sponsor applications for the PGP. The applications would be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis.

IRCC also announced that people who were successful in submitting their applications would be notified shortly. They would receive an official email within 24 hours which would confirm receipt.

Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents over 18 can sponsor their parents and grandparents through the PGP. Successful applicants are then able to immigrate to Canada.

It is necessary to submit the Interest to Sponsor form to sponsor your parents through the PGP. Along with the form, you also need to submit your proof of status in the country. The proof of status in Canada document is mandatory for taking part in the PGP.

Invitations to apply for the PGP would be issued in the order of the submission of the Interest to Sponsor form. This would be done after IRCC removes duplicate entries. IRCC will continue to issue ITAs till it reaches its annual target of 20,000 applications.

As per CIC News, IRCC will hold at least one invitation round or more until it reaches its annual target of 20,000.

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