Jobs aplenty in Amazon; the best time to migrate to work in Canada

Job For Everyone Amazon to fill 15,000 jobs in Canada

Amazon, the online retailer giant, has big plans for Canada. The company just launched its first job fair in Canada which was conducted on September 15, 2021. The aim of this move is to expand the workforce in Canada by 15,000 employees in the autumn of 2021.

There’s an existing workforce of 25,000 in Amazon, Canada. The company is on a recruitment spree and this is your best chance to work in Canada landing a job in Amazon. The best part is that the recruitments will be actively done at various levels and roles.

As the Vice President of Human Development, Andre Williams put it, there’s a job for just about everyone.

Amazon had already that the company would hire another 1,800 workers as tech corporate and tech employees in Canada in 2021 alone. These employees will work in Canada to support Amazon’s operations in its projects namely AWS, Amazon Advertising, Alexa, and retail & operations. These teams will be stationed in Vancouver and Toronto.

Amazon is also increasing the pay for existing employees. The starting wage for frontline Canadian employees will be increased to somewhere between $17 and $21.65 per hour.

The current base hourly wages which are about $16 will also be raised 6.25% to 35.3%. Recruitment to the open positions was done in the job fair.

Canada immigration contributes

In comparison to the US, Canada currently has 6 times more skilled immigrants. This means that Canada immigration is a potential contributor to the ambitions of Amazon in Canada. This works in a reciprocal way as people in many countries will find this opportunity very valuable and migrate to Canada.

The rise in Canada’s vaccination rates and the gradual but steady recovery of Canada from the COVID-19 crisis are contributive factors to this new scenario. The country is now witnessing huge growth in jobs and opportunities for TFWs and new immigrants.

More immigrants will now be choosing Canada as their immigration destination. They will all get assured excellent job opportunities with great pay and career prospects.

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