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Posted on February 23 2023

Japan announces J-Skip and J-Find visas to attract skilled professionals & top grads

By Editor
Updated July 25 2023

Highlights: Japan to introduce J-Skip & J-Find Visas in 2023

  • Japan aims to enter the immigration race by initiating new Visas and policies in 2023.
  • Japan announced to launch new J-Skip & J-Find immigration visas.
  • The new immigration pathways are to cater to high-earning persons and top foreign graduates.
  • The new Visas will be implemented in Japan in April 2023 after a public comment process.
  • The J-Skip & J-Find Visas focus on supporting young talent with a high potential to work.

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J-Find Visa

  • J-Find is more of a job-seeker Visa that allows the candidate to remain in Japan and look for employment.
  • This Visa applies to candidates who have graduated from the Top 100 universities listed by the Immigration Services Agency of Japan.
  • The candidate should have a minimum of ¥200,000 on arrival in the country to qualify for the “Designated Activities” Visa.
  • The “Designated Activities” Visa allows the candidate to reside in the country for up to two years and look for employment.

J-Skip Visa

You can take up the J-Skip route if you belong to any of the following professions –

  • Engineer
  • Researcher
  • High-cadre Manager

Must score 70 points or more in the preferential immigration treatment system to achieve the status of a highly skilled professional.

  • The points are given based on the submitted research, Japanese proficiency, and the candidate's academic history.
  • Engineers & Researchers should have a higher degree with an annual income of ¥20 million or 10 years of experience.
  • Managers should have a minimum annual income of ¥40 million with five years of professional experience.
  • Candidates who qualify will be given Level 1 status with permission to reside for five years in Japan.
  • After three years, candidates are promoted to Level 2, which permits them to stay indefinitely.

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