ITA for Canada PR via CSQ will not necessarily be based on score


ITA for Canada PR via CSQ – Quebec Certificate of Selection may not necessarily be offered based on the score as per the upcoming changes to the Quebec Immigration Act. These changes delineate that other criterions or conditions for selection may apply. Invitations may be issued to the candidates with the highest scores, but this will not be mandatory.

Applicants who are offered the CSQ can apply for the Canada PR with Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada.

David Heurtel the Immigration Minister of Quebec said that candidates with work experience in shortage occupations will be given priority in the new system. They will be pushed to the front for offering CSQ. This will be with respect to shortages that have been identified in the outlying regions of Quebec, he added.

Quebec Immigration Act has been updated with Section 44. It states that criterions pertaining to overseas national’s ability to successfully settle or stay in Quebec may determine ITAs. This could be occupation, or a trade or training, as quoted by the CIC News.

The ITA for CSQ may also be based on other factors. This includes a destination region in Quebec, a nation or region impacted by humanitarian crisis or an international obligation.

The Government of Quebec has said that the improved immigration system will be crucial for catering to the shortages of skills. The scarcity may leave around 1 million jobs vacant in the next decade, it added. QWSP candidates who submit applications for CSQ will have reduced processing times. These will be processed in less than 12 months under the new system.

Candidates who receive an ITA for CSQ will have 3 months to submit their application.

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