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Posted on January 31 2023

International students can work in the UK for 30 hours/week from now!

By  Editor
Updated July 25 2023

Highlights of International students can work in the UK for 30 hours/week from now!

  • International students in the UK will be allowed to work for longer hours & take up more part-time jobs to reduce the workforce shortages.
  • UK government to raise the cap of working hours for foreign migrants to 30 hours per week to boost the economy.
  • Currently, the UK has 1.3 Million empty jobs due to workforce shortages.
  • 161,000 Indian students, including 33,240 dependents, entered the UK in 2022.
  • Along with the student fees of 10,000 – 26,000 pounds paid by international students, they also contributed 400/student and 600/dependent via NHS.

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Foreign students can work in the UK for 30 hours per week.

Every year lakhs of foreign migrants enter the UK to study, work or settle. International students make up 476,000 out of the total 1.1 Million migrants who arrived in the UK in 2021.

India is considered the largest source of international students, with 161,000 and 33,240 dependents in 2021. International students in the UK (including Indians) will undoubtedly be allowed to work extra hours. They will be allowed to take up multiple part-time jobs to handle the workforce shortages across various sectors in the country.

Currently, international students, 680,000 in the UK, are permitted to work for a maximum of 20 hours/per week during their term time. The government has plans to increase the working hours' cap to accommodate workforce shortages and boost the economy.

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The UK has 1.3 Million empty jobs, and businesses in the UK have severe workforce shortages. According to government sources, the work hours cap for foreign students will be raised sooner.

The net immigration numbers had risen to a record 504,000 in 2022. International students & their dependents have contributed to the UK economy by paying fees of around 10,000 to 26,000 and by a surcharge of NHS of 400 pounds a year for students and 600 pounds for a dependent.

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