Increased Canada immigration to solve concerns in Ottawa-Gatineau

Ottawa-Gatineau immigration study

The Ottawa-Gatineau region of Canada depends a lot on Canada immigration to sustain its economic growth. The study related to this was made by the Conference Board of Canada that checked out the economic and demographic impacts of immigration on this region.

“Four Futures: The“Four Futures: The
Economic Impact of
Immigration in the
Ottawa-Gatineau Region”
The growth in this region between 2019 and 2036 got forecasted by this study that used 4 scenarios for analysis. It tried to find the links between immigration, employment, and growth in this region.

Scenario 1

Scenario 2 Scenario 3

Scenario 4

 1. The pre-pandemic trends in the arrival of immigrants stay so till 2036.

2. The annual GDP growth will be 1.9% on average.

3. The total GDP would rise by $34 billion.

1. No new immigrants arrive in the region.

2. The annual GDP growth would average 1.7%.

3. The real GDP would be $28.5 billion.

1. Immigrant intake increases from 11,000 in 2018 to 19,500 in 2036.

2. The real GDP would increase by 2.1%.

3. The increase in GDP would be $37 billion.

1. Increased immigration and better outcomes in the labor market.

2. A GDP of $37.9 billion.

3. The increase in GDP would be $900 million.

Increased Canada immigration to solve concerns in Ottawa-Gatineau

Immigration has been Canada’s major solution to its daunting issues like an aging population, low child-birth, and more people leaving the workforce. Before the pandemic broke out in Canada the Ottawa-Gatineau region attracted 3% of all new immigrants that arrived in Canada annually.

Increased Canada immigration to solve concerns in Ottawa-Gatineau

The study was commissioned jointly by the OLIP and Ottawa Employment Hub. It was funded by IRCC and Ontario’s Ministry of Labor, Training & Skills Development.
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