Immigration advice: Tips to increase your CRS score

Learn how to increase your CRS score

Are you ready to delve into the details of what CRS means to you as a Canada immigration candidate, and how you can improve your CRS score in 2021? Well, here we go!

The Road to Canada via Express Entry

Canada has an Express Entry system that manages immigration applications from foreigners who wish to move to and work in Canada as permanent residents. So, as a candidate, what do you do?

Step 1, identify your suitability to one of the 3 streams that Express Entry accepts applications to – FSWP, FSTP, or CEC. These are economy-class immigration streams towards which you can create a profile that tells a lot about you and which gets submitted to the Express Entry pool.

Step 2, while your profile lies in the pool, it gets assessed by CRS that ranks it so that it earns a score that decides how high your chances of getting selected in a Canada immigration draw are. The points assigned towards the CRS score are based on factors like age, work experience, education, and language proficiency in English or French.

Step 3, whenever Canada needs skilled potential immigrants like you to save their day and pump up their economy, the country conducts immigration draws. If your CRS score looks great and you have the skills Canada is looking for, you will be sent an ITA.

Step 4, you respond to the ITA, say “yes” by submitting a completely filled application within 90 days along with all relevant documents,and wait for the visa.

Now, as pretty much a lot rest on the CRS score, you will want to know tips to improve them so that you improve your chances of getting your Canada PR visa. Without keeping you waiting, let’s check out the tips right away.

Pack an extra punch with French

If you can ace French as well as English, you have a much better chance of gaining more CRS points. Won’t you want to utilize the fact that language ability can earn you a score up to 260? Why waste it?

Work at your work experience

It’s a fact that Canadian work experience scores more than non-Canadian work experience. So, if you have under 3 years of full-time experience outside Canada, you should work more and gain more CRS points to become a candidate they can’t refuse!

Study in Canada before you land a job in Canada

This is one of the wisest pieces of advice that could come your way. Before going for Express Entry, you could come on a Canada study visa and get a degree at a Canadian university. Your study experience in Canada can increase your CRS score.

And since this is about education, it’s worthwhile to remind you that if you have 2 or more certificates, degrees, or diplomas, you could claim extra points for education.

A spouse can lift your game at scoring more CRS points

If you have a spouse to come with you to Canada, that’s another way you can improve your chances at CRS scores. The language ability, education level, and work experience in Canada of your spouse could be rewarded with more points added to the CRS score. You can score up to 20 points adding to your CRS score via your spouse’s first language score. Get an ECA done for the educational qualification of your partner and take home up to 10 CRS points.

The provincial nomination makes you richer on CRS score

Canadian provinces always look for skilled candidates like you to meet their labor market requirements. If your profile in the Express Entry pool gets noticed for being the right match for a province’s requirement, you could be nominated by that province via a PNP immigration draw. Such nomination adds 600 CRS points and pushes you to the top spot in a federal immigration draw that happens next.

So, there you are! All aware and informed about the ways to get better CRS scores and faring a lot better at a chance to immigrate to Canada.

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CRS – Comprehensive Ranking System

FSWP – Federal Skilled Worker Program

FSTP – Federal Skilled Trades Program

CEC – Canadian Experience Class

ITA – Invitation to Apply

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