Immigrants make up 88% of the population of UAE


The United Nations recently released its data from 2017 on the major trends in international immigration. As per the data, 88% of the population of the UAE is made up of immigrants. There are about 3.5 million Indian immigrants in the UAE. There are about 935,000 Egyptians and 906,000 Pakistanis in the UAE.

The UAE, thus, has the most number of foreign-born nationals per head for its population. It tops the charts as the nation with the highest number of foreign-born people as part of its population.

However, the UN report clarifies that the majority of the immigrants in the UAE are economic immigrants and not refugees.

In second place is Qatar with 75% of its population composed of foreign-born immigrants. Indians form the largest expat community here with a population of 646,000. Egypt and Bangladesh follow with 164,000 and 160,000 immigrants in Qatar respectively.

74% of the population of Kuwait is made up of immigrants. This places Kuwait at the third spot. India, Egypt, Pakistan, and Bangladesh have the most number of immigrants in Kuwait.

Liechtenstein and Andorra take the 4th and 5th positions respectively.

Liechtenstein is a small country bordered by Switzerland and Australia. It has a total length of just 25 km. It has a population of only 40,000. 62% of its population was born overseas. The majority of its population is Switzerland born.

60% of the population of Andorra was born abroad with the majority of them from Spain.

In contrast, countries in Central and South America have the least number of immigrants. 1.2% of Central America’s population is foreign-born. Only .07% of the population of Nicaragua and El Salvador comprise of immigrants.

Just 1.7% of the population of South America was born overseas, as per the UN Report.


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