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Posted on September 28 2022

How to become a Canadian Citizen with Proof of Citizenship?

By Editor
Updated July 25 2023

Highlights: Obtaining Canadian Citizenship

  • An individual can be considered a citizen of Canada, even if they were not born in Canada but fulfill certain requirements.
  • One of their parents needs to be a citizen of Canada.
  • The individuals need not undergo the standardized immigration process.

Canada has provisions for international individuals who want to apply for citizenship in Canada. If the individual was born abroad to even one parent from Canada, they are eligible for Canadian citizenship.

International individuals need not go through the standardized immigration process if they fulfill the aforementioned criteria.

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Process to become Canadian Citizen

The individual can apply for a citizenship certificate or proof of citizenship, if they were born abroad to Canadian parent or parents .

If the candidate fulfills the specific eligibility criteria for citizenship, they need not go through the standardized application process for Canada PR or permanent residency, which includes:

  • Mandatory physical presence to apply for permanent residency
  • Knowledge test
  • Attend the citizenship ceremony

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Canadian Citizenship

Individuals are considered Canadian citizens if they were born in Canada unless they are born to foreign ex-pats. If they were born outside Canada, they are legally considered Canadian if at least one of their parents was a first-generation citizen of Canada at the time of their birth.

To be recognized as a first-generation Canadian, the parent had to be born either in Canada or should have been granted citizenship by undergoing the application process.

If the candidate's grandparent was a first-generation citizen of Canada and the candidate's parent got citizenship by parentage, it will not be considered valid proof for citizenship.

Canadian citizenship can be obtained through the immigration process of Canada for such candidates.

*Check your eligibility to Canada through Canada Immigration Points Calculator.

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Proof of Citizenship Application Process

To apply for citizenship proof, the applicant needs to download the application package available on the official website of IRCC or Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada.

The applicant is required to demonstrate that their biological or legal parent was a citizen of Canada when they were born. IRCC accepts proofs such as:

  • The birth certificate of parents
  • Citizenship certificate or Canadian citizenship card

Further Steps in the Canadian Citizenship Process

After the duly filled application has been submitted, IRCC will issue a receipt for acknowledgment, known as the AOR. Upon the approval of the application, IRCC issues a Canadian citizenship certificate.

The processing status of the application can be checked on the website of IRCC. Some applications may take longer to be processed depending on their complexity.

IRCC provides an option for urgent processing for individuals who need immediate access to benefits like healthcare, joining an employment offer, social insurance number, or in situations where emergency travel is required to or from Canada.

Fee for Canadian Citizenship Application

The government of Canada charges 75 CAD to apply for the process of obtaining Canadian Citizenship .

Few people take the help of immigration lawyers in Canada to help in their application process. An immigration lawyer with substantial experience can assess documents to ensure the candidate fulfills all the eligibility criteria and help in obtaining Canadian citizenship easily.

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