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Posted on July 27 2022

How much do you know about vocational courses in Canada?

By  Editor
Updated September 20 2023

Highlights of vocational courses in Canada

  • Vocational courses in Canada helps in bridging gaps in opportunities for employment.
  • Vocational education has proved more effective in creating skilled workers.
  • Students exposed to a balanced amount of traditional and vocational education are at a better position to compete in the job market.
  • The demand among international students for vocational courses in Canada has increased recently.

When the educational scene of Canada is observed, it can be found that there’s as much or more demand for vocational courses in Canada when compared to traditional ones. There are clear reasons for this trend for this, of which international students are aware of.

It’s well-known that Canada immigration is a pathway for skilled workers to arrive in Canada and find employment there. If international students enrol in vocational courses in Canada, they get a higher advantage of getting application-oriented learning.

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In fact, it’s been observed that international students who have a balanced experience of studying traditional as well as vocational courses have better competence in the Canadian labor market.

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Why vocational courses in Canada?

A wide range of vocational courses and competitive fees charged for them have attracted a large number of international students to Canada. There has been a surge in demand for vocational education in Canada lately. The Technical and Vocational Training Assistance Act in the 1960s played an instrumental role in boosting vocational education in Canada.

The institutions that provide vocational training may be known as technical schools, vocational colleges, or career colleges. But the bottom-line is that they provide lots of options for international students who are interested.

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In Canada, vocational schools allow international students to enrol in a certificate, diploma, degree, pre-apprenticeship, or apprenticeship program. These courses will have:

  • In-class instruction
  • Practicums/Clinical rotations
  • Lab-based training
  • Internships or externships

If you are looking for flexibility, some of these courses are even available online!

In Canada vocational education is provided mainly at the post-secondary level. In Canada, the constitutional responsibility of delivering post-secondary education rests with the Canadian provinces/territories.

Anyways, vocational training in Canada offers you many advantages. It gives the opportunity to work in an occupation you love, acquire tremendous potential for income, and be found to be instrumental to develop Canadian economy. The more you excel in your course, the better will be your chance to immigrate to Canada as an educated and skilled worker.

Also, vocational courses are charged a lower fee compared to degree courses. Average annual tuition fee for vocational courses range between CAD10,0000 and CAD18,000. Vocational courses are also delivered in a duration that’s shorter than degree courses!

Statistics Canada has data that says 388,782 international students enrolled in post-secondary courses in Canada in 2020 alone!

What do international students need to enrol into vocational courses in Canada?

To enrol in a vocational training program at a vocational school or college in Canada, students must meet certain criteria and accrue certain benefits. These are as follows:

  • They must present proof of their English/French proficiency. French is necessary for Quebec.
  • Students pursuing a full-time vocational course are allowed to work 20 hours per week. This is similar to degree courses in Canada.
  • International students can opt for co-op education. This is an integrated program that combines school education with official paid work. The advantage is that students get more experience above their traditional education.
  • Most colleges providing vocational courses also offer a fellowship or scholarship to help students pursue these courses in Canada.
  • Internship facilitated by vocational training institutions help international students to get hands-on experience in a professional environment. The students will stay connected to the industry too.

Vocational education enables international students to qualify for PGWP

  • Institutions in Canada offer over 10,000 training programs in various technical and professional fields. There are 127 institutes, colleges, and polytechnics that are publicly funded.
  • The broad spectrum of professional areas in which vocational education is provided include:
    • Agriculture
    • Health
    • Design
    • Hospitality
    • Computer science
    • Social services
    • Broadcast & journalism

Top colleges offering vocational courses in Canada

  • Mohawk College
  • Centennial College
  • Durham College
  • Humber College
  • The University of the Fraser Valley
  • George Brown College

Top areas in which vocational courses in Canada are offered

  • Hospitality and tourism management diploma
  • Business management and entrepreneurship diploma’
  • Service excellence for business
  • Sales and marketing diploma
  • Diploma in business communications
  • Web and mobile app development

Now that you know so much for a decent introduction to vocational courses in Canada, it’s time for you to learn more about it and enrol into the best course.

If you are willing to study in Canada, talk to Y-Axis, the leading immigration and career consultant in the UAE.

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