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Posted on February 11 2021

How could your Canada PR application get rejected

By  Editor
Updated July 25 2023

Probably the most dejecting moment for a spirited immigrant would be to get his/her Canada PR visa application getting rejected. Canada is the destination a great many people have in mind when considering a place to move to for all the right reasons: great social culture, best job opportunities, numerous pathways to immigrate, and Canada’s need for skilled immigrants.

Canada immigration is a systematic process, that requires transparency and strict adherence to the process. This is the reason for handing this duty over to professionals. But as applicants, you must be aware of the mistakes and misses that can end up in rejection of your application for a visa like the Canada PR visa.

Here we will try to understand the common reasons for rejection of application for Canada PR.


The following are the many instances of material misrepresentation:

  • Non-declaration of a visa refusal that you had for another country
  • You submitting a fake document
  • You not mentioning a family member
  • You claiming a job experience which is fake
  • You engaging in marriage without genuineness

Now, here are the instances of non-material misrepresentation

  • Reversal of month and date of birth on the application
  • Claiming to be single or unmarried while actually widowed
  • You failing to provide correct and consistent information in any one document among many

Medical reasons

Canadian government won’t allow an immigrant’s application that could make an excessive demand on the healthcare system of Canada. Any applicant will undergo a medical examination certified by Canada’s medical officers.

You as the applicant suffering from a severe disease and which is a threat to Canada’s general health condition could also be a reason for rejecting PR application.


If you as an applicant have a history of a criminal conviction in your home country, your PR application could be rejected on that ground. The offense could be something as small as a traffic incident.

Missing a deadline

If you miss meeting the deadlines fixed by IRCC during any stage of application your application for PR could be rejected on that ground.

Financial reasons

Submitting a bank statement or other proof of funds is an important requirement of a PR application. If you as an applicant fails in producing such a document of proof, your PR application could be rejected.

Incomplete documentation

In the PR application process, it’s essential that all the required and relevant documents are submitted. It must be ensured that no document required by the process is left out to be submitted. Or else, your PR application could be rejected.

Application without being aware of the requirements for eligibility

Different immigration programs have different specific requirements for you to be eligible for the program. If any requirement under a PR visa program is not met, your application could get rejected.

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