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Posted on September 05 2022

Here’s how EU countries are driving skilled workers to work in Europe

By  Editor
Updated July 25 2023

News highlights

  • Major EU countries like Sweden, Finland, and Denmark are getting better with immigration by relaxing their rules.
  • The significant changes made in the immigration rules by these countries will attract more immigrants.
  • Immigrants looking for jobs in Europe must check these major changes now.

It's not news that major economies of the world are facing an acute shortage of skilled and qualified workers. These include European countries too. So, if you have any intention to work in Europe, here’s something you will be glad to know.

Countries like Sweden, Finland, and Denmark have been too strict with their immigration rules. Now that it’s time to rope in more foreign talents to meet the worker crunch, even European countries are going the path of relaxing immigration rules and attracting more skilled foreigners.

Here are the changes that some of the major EU countries have brought about to improve their immigration and economic situation.


There are some important steps taken by Finland which are:

  • The country has started with a fast-track procedure intended for highly skilled workers as well as start-up entrepreneurs. These beneficiaries along with their families can now take the advantage of processing eligible applications in under 14 days.
  • Finland is now also granting students and their family members considered eligible, a single residence permit. This will be valid for the whole study duration. What this means is that students won’t any longer have to renew their Finnish residence permits annually anymore.
  • Also, students are now enabled to enter Finland with their long-term visas (D visas). They won’t have to wait for their residence permit cards.
  • Finland is also taking steps to make it easier for students as well as researchers to stay back in the country to seek work once their graduation is done.

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Coming to Denmark, here are the important steps taken to improve its immigration status:

  • Denmark has published new lists of job roles and industries that need skilled foreign workers. These lists are:
    • Positive List for Highly Educated People
    • Positive List for Skilled Workers
  • These lists will guide foreign workers like a map when they are searching for jobs in Denmark.

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In Spain, foreign nationals residing in this country will find it easier now to obtain a work permit. There’s a more streamlined process through which this is made possible. The new process will reduce the requirements of a work permit application for certain applicants.

If you are a student from a non-EU country, you will also be allowed to work up to 30 hours per week while pursuing your studies in Spain.

Once international students graduate in Spain, they will get the eligibility to start working in the country. This wasn’t the case till now. They were required to wait for a period of 3 years before they could get to earn a job in Spain.

Another plan of the Spanish government is to publish a list of jobs in high demand that will be open to foreign nationals.


Significant changes are happening in Italy too. The country has raised the annual work permit quota it grants by 5,000. The country is planning to send invitations to 75,000 foreign workers in 2022.

There’s work going on in Italy to verify the possibility of accelerating the migration procedures especially because there's a crunch of personnel in specific sectors in the country. This was revealed in a statement issued by the Government of Italy.

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There was the launch of a short-term work visa in Portugal recently. This new visa will now permit foreign workers to migrate to Portugal with the aim of working for not more than six months.

This new visa is originally issued for 120 days. However, it can be extended for another 90 days.

Also, the Government of Portugal has announced that it will abolish the quota regime for migration to Portugal.

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The Government of Ireland has announced the introduction of new changes that will be applicable to its Employment Permit System. This system is meant for workers from countries outside the EEA (European Economic Area). The new changes will be in effect in the fall of 2022.

Here are the plans under the new system:

  • Introduce new seasonal work permits
  • Address Ireland’s labor market with a more responsive system
  • Revise the labor market test process
  • Introduce an index for salary thresholds

Earlier in 2022, the Irish government made an announcement. It said that doctors from third countries who have been employed in their profession in Ireland for 2 to 5 years will now be granted special eligibility. This will be to apply to work in the country without preconditions. Also, their spouses could get the eligibility to work in Ireland.

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It will be much more difficult for employers to exploit foreign workers in Sweden. To this end, the country has made it compulsory for employers in the country to report any change in rules and conditions governing employment.

It’s impossible now to expel foreign workers owing to minor errors. Those employers in Sweden who fail to report the working conditions for non-EU workers as per the request of the Agency could invite a fine.

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