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Posted on July 08 2022

Australia immigration has a string of new PR opportunities from July 1

By Editor
Updated July 25 2023

Highlights of Australia immigration reforms 2022-23

  • Major changes in Australia immigration have been in effect since July 1, 2022.
  • Permanent residence will become easier for Subclass 482 visa holders.
  • Subclass 457 visa holders won’t have age restrictions for applying for permanent residency.
  • Temporary Graduate Visa holders can apply for a replacement visa to compensate for COVID-19 loss of time.
  • More countries will get access to Australia’s Working Holiday Maker Visas.

New opportunities for Australia immigration have come up for immigrants as the Australian government has rolled out some important measures. These measures will help specific categories of visa holders to get an opportunity to Australia permanent residency.

From July 1, 2022, the Australian government has implemented some significant changes in Australia immigration. Here’s a look at the new developments that were effective from the new financial year in Australia.


What is the easiest way to Australia immigration in 2022?

Easier PR for Subclass 482 visa holders

From July 1, Subclass 482 visa holders are allowed to apply for the Subclass 186 visa (TRT (Temporary Residence Transition) visa). It will let skilled workers with a nomination from their employer to live and work in Australia permanently.

But immigration candidates can access the new pathway only for 2 years from July 1, 2022. This temporary change will lead to Australian permanent residence becoming more accessible for Subclass 482 visa holders.

For eligibility, you would have to be in Australia for a minimum period of one year in the period from February 1, 2020, to December 14, 2021.

This new arrangement will be applicable to Subclass 457 visa holders too if they have an occupation that’s present on the STSOL.

This special concession granted will recognize those highly-skilled workers who made the choice of staying in Australia during the whole period of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Age 45 won’t stop you no more

Subclass 457 visa holders who touched the age of 45 years will no more be restricted from filing an application for permanent residency in Australia via the TRT stream.

Those who have been working for a significant period of time in Australia under employer sponsorship will now not feel left out from the opportunity of getting an Australia PR. So, if somebody is applying for permanent residency in Australia through the TRT stream, they will also get access to the PR application for 2 years since July 1, 2022.

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Compensating the Temporary Graduate Visa holders

From July 1, 2022, former and current Temporary Graduate Visa holders who lost time owing to the COVID-19 pandemic have been allowed to apply for an Australia PR visa.

The following people will be eligible for this new facility:

  • Those who have previously held a Temporary Graduate Visa that expired on or after February 1, 2020
  • Those who at present hold a valid Temporary Graduate Visa

It’s also required that they have been outside Australia between February 1, 2020, and December 15, 2021.

By this measure, the government will now be able to tap the educational experience and skills of these graduates from Australia. This new decision will offer a remedy to those who missed out on their TGV (Temporary Graduate Visa) period of stay owing to COVID-19.

More Holiday Maker visas to be handed out

Ever since COVID-19 led to a border closure in Australia, working holiday makers were kept out of the country. Their absence has been a pinching factor for many industries in Australia.

From July 1, 2022, for the period ranging from 2022-2023, the limit of places available for working holiday makers has increased by 30%. The cap is applicable to working holidaymakers from various countries. The cap on these countries is set as part of a Subclass 462 visa arrangement.

In the new scenario, there will be changes to the age limits and caps for select countries. Brazil and Mongolia will now have provided access to Australia’s Holiday Worker Visa program.

What more from the new Australian government?

  • Several Australia immigration pathways for skilled workers are expected to rise by over 30,000 places.
  • Concerns created by rising levels of temporary migration will be mitigated by focusing on pathways for permanent residency.

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