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If you intend to witness the varied and vast landscapes, unique wildlife Australia is one of the most interesting destinations of its kind. If you touch base with your family experience the hospitality and the most down to earth people whom you would visit during your holiday to Australia.

Plan for adventure and stunning walks with your family as well.  Moreover, with the populous identity, the airlines have considerably low prices for a flight. You would get to flight off at the international airports such as Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Cairns, Darwin, and Perth.

Once you are done with your immigration procedures there is a range of public transport such as shuttle buses, trains, and taxis. And to visit some of the most scenic parts of Australia you can hop into a cruise as well.

A key aspect of following to make it into Australia is to have relevant travel authorization. There is a range of visas available under the Subclass 600. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection recommends you to have proper documents before you make it to Australia and also leave on time before the validity expires.

Documents you will need

  • Duly filled form 1419 application form
  • Valid passport
  • Two colored photographs
  • A letter stating the purpose of your visit
  • Complete travel itinerary including details of accommodation, and round trip ticket details.
  • Evidence of funds and fixed assets
  • Tax returns for the past three years
  • Health insurance and proof that you are physically fit
  • If you are employed a no objection letter from the employer is prominent
  • If you are self-employed a copy of the companies registration is mandate
  • If you are a student a letter from the institution permitting the holiday

A visa is valid for a maximum of 90 days and visa extension is also applicable. The maximum time it takes to process the tourist visa is 15 days approximately for the time you have lodged your application.

Australia is absolutely colossal with a wide range of climates from December through February is summer, and from March to May is autumn; beginning from June to August is the coolest winter; lastly, September to November is spring. Now you can plan your holidays pertaining to your favorite and desirable weather condition.

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