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Posted on April 28 2020

EU plans a comeback from the lows of a pandemic

By  Editor
Updated November 22 2023

From closure to revival, world countries are hoping to come back from the punishing times of COVID-19 sooner. EU has been the center of the pandemic for the past couple of months. After a hard time of collective efforts by the EU states to contain and eradicate the pandemic, it has started to chart a course back to normalcy.

As large sums of economic losses have lashed the EU countries, a coordinated and determined comeback is inevitable. Of course, the first step of this will be opening the borders between the EU states and then beyond. This will mean transportation will start again between borders, of which air travel will be a major part.

Interstate transport, just like migration overseas, has a great deal of economic and social relevance. But again, as the pandemic is still lurking all across the world, great care and caution along with great discipline will mark the success of any plan.

EU’s Transport Commissioner, Ms. Adina Valean, has let the word out that the guidelines for lifting travel restrictions will be set out by mid-May. The exit strategy thus announced will nevertheless be adopted by EU member nations considering each of their health statuses then.

The important factor in the whole comeback exercise will be the harmonious participation of the EU member countries. The major practical measures prescribed for every individual while traveling will include social distancing, hygiene, disinfection, and wearing protective equipment like masks. These will be extremely important in the case of air travel.

Ms. Valean has not disclosed any date for putting the plan into action. She has been more concerned about how EU member nations will coordinate working in tandem. She thinks rightly that without a commonly agreed plan and harmonious execution, the results will be pretty much a backlash on the health and political fronts.

There is a consensus however among the EU states that the Schengen area and its borders remain closed till September. They are of the view that to open it before that will not be a wise move. The French President Mr. Emanuel Macron is a major supporter of this suggestion. He supports keeping the Schengen area closed for non-EU citizens and residents until September.

So, when EU finally gets back on its feet and tourism programs and immigration process resume, you will find a new experience and a new call from the EU.

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