Blue economy is the new plan Canada bets on

Blue economy is the new plan Canada bets on

Canada is now going ahead with its efforts to grow its “blue economy”, a term that denotes the marine resources it’s gifted abundantly with. Canada has the longest coastline in the world. The country’s joining forces with other nations to develop a roadmap to create a sustainable blue economy. That’s the news that is causing a buzz in a big way today!

Blue economy is the new plan Canada bets on

An outline has been created with priorities set to take actions to build a sustainable blue economy across the areas of:

  • Ocean knowledge
  • Ocean equity
  • Ocean health
  • Ocean wealth
  • Ocean finance

There will also be a commitment to sustainably manage the whole ocean area that comes under the national jurisdiction. This will be achieved by 2025 with guidance from sustainable ocean plans.

The Canadian government will consult with its territories and provinces along with the industries, conservationists, indigenous people, and all Canadians to develop the blue economy strategy. When a successful blue economy is established it will present the potential to develop through marine transportation, fishing, energy, recreation, and tourism. The Canada visitor visa could also get more people applying for it as marine tourism could become a big attraction.

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