The essentials of an Australia Visitor Visa

Australia Visitor Visa
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Overseas immigrants who wish to immigrate to Australia for specific purposes can avail the Australia Tourist Visa. It permits them to reside in Australia for maximum 90 days for their each entry to the nation for a period of twelve months from the date of approval of the Australia visa.

Immigrants who wish to visit Australia on the Australia Visitor Visa should adhere to the terms and conditions and the validity of the visa during their stay in the nation. In case if you do not follow these regulations it might result in cancellation of visa or be fined.

Australia Visitor Visa does not permit immigrants to be engaged in a job while restricted volunteer work could be permitted. It also does not permit the immigrants to pursue any studies or training beyond 90 days.

International students who are below 11 years and wish to be educated in a formal ambiance for a period of more than a month might be asked to undergo X-ray test for chest prior to the commencement of studies. Australia immigration on the visitor visa also specifies that the travelers must not be suffering from tuberculosis during the travel and entry to Australia.

The immigrants who possess the Australia Visitor Visa must exit from Australia during the validity of the visa. If they are convicted of a criminal offense at the time of arrival on the visitor visa, they could be refused to enter Australia.

The documents required by the visitors for Australia visa include certified copies of valid passport’s biographical pages, the travel documents of all applicants in the application and one latest passport size photograph that has the name of the person printed on the backside.

Australian immigration on the visitor visa requires that if there is any change of name for any of the applicants, the certified copy of the proof of name change must be submitted. Birth certificates of all the applicants of the Australia Visitor Visa must be furnished and the certificates must have names of both the parents.

Applicants of Australia immigration for the visitor visa should submit certified copies of the record of military service or discharge papers in case they have served the armed forces in their nation. They must also give evidence that the purpose of the immigration to Australia is only as a visitor.

Australia visa for a visitor purpose specifies that applicants must submit proof of possessing adequate funds for the visit and stay in Australia. This can include pay slips, personal bank statements, audited accounts or taxation records.

Australia Visitor Visa stipulates that if the applicants are visiting Australia to meet a relative or a friend, a letter of invitation must be submitted for the visa processing. In case the applicants are visiting Australia for tourism they must furnish their detailed travel itinerary to the immigration authorities.

Additional evidence to prove that you have a motivation and right to return to your home nation after the visit may also be required.

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