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Founded in 1999, the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program has welcomed more than 130,000 migrants to Canada over these 20 years. However, the population in the province is declining as Manitobans are having fewer children than before. As a result, more people are leaving the workforce compared to the ones entering it.  

Manitoba has now doubled its efforts to attract more migrants to address the population decline and labour crunch.   

In December 2018, the MPNP launched the “International Student Entrepreneur Pilot”. The ISEP is a 2-year pilot which is a hybrid between the Business Investor Stream and the International Graduate sub-category. The pilot aims to attract talented young entrepreneurs to Manitoba to meet the industry needs of the province.  

How is the ISEP different from other programs?   

Firstly, the program allows applicants to “work for themselves. International students who do not have a job offer in Canada or any previous work experience can be self-employed under this program.  

Secondly, a job offer is not necessary to apply for this program. You will need to have a confirmed job offer to apply for most other programs for a provincial nomination. But not for the ISEP.  

Third and most important is that it does not have any minimum investment requirement. There is no minimum net worth requirement too. To apply under other Entrepreneur Programs you need to meet the minimum investment and net worth criteria.  

The ISEP, thus, has created a pathway for Permanent Residence for international students who may otherwise not have qualified.  

The ISEP is an excellent program for international students who have pursued their higher studies from Manitoba. Such students can start their venture in the province and use the ISEP as a route to Canadian PR, as per CIC News. 


How can you qualify for the ISEP?  

You can qualify for the ISEP if:  

  • You are between 21 and 35 years of age 
  • You have a language proficiency score of at least CLB 7 
  • You have completed at least a post-secondary course of 2 years from Manitoba 
  • You have a valid Post-Graduation Work Permit at the time of applying. You may also apply if you have a Work Permit. 
  • You have lived in Manitoba continuously after completing your studies. You should also intend to live in Manitoba permanently in the long run. 
  • You should meet the funds’ criteria as per the Low Income Cut-Off of Canada 
  • You have to submit a feasible business proposal as per the MPNP criteria 
  • You should be willing to actively manage your business for at least 6 months 

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