Economist McCrann feels Australia is running an immigration scam

terry mcrann

Economic Columnist Terry McCrann feels that Australia is running an immigration scam. The country is building more infrastructure to service immigration rather than improving the long-term productivity and prosperity of the country.

Recently the Coalition put out its immigration policy where it wanted to cap its Refugee Visas at 18,700. Labour, on the other hand, wanted this number to be 32,000.

Labour also wants to increase the cap for the new Parent Visa. The current Govt. has capped the new Sponsored (Temporary) Parent Visa at 15,000 annually. Labour also wants to decrease the visa fee of the Parent Visa to half of what it is now.

Currently, there are about 100,000 elderly parents who are waiting to come to Australia. Plus, there are a number of refugees seeking asylum in Australia, as per The Mercury.

Terry McCrann believes that the whole point of immigration is to bring in younger immigrants. These younger immigrants can help the Australian workforce. However, bringing in 100,000 elderly parents of immigrants defeats the whole purpose.

McCrann also feels that Australia’s current cap of 18,700 for Refugees is among the most generous in the world. He cites the example of Japan which has no immigration policy for taking in refugees.

McCrann went on to say that the country is running a Ponzi Scheme on immigration. It is building more and more infrastructure day by day to support immigration. However, little is being done to improve the wealth and productivity and prosperity of Australia.

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