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Posted on December 24 2022

Easiest work visas in the EU? Check out the top 5 EU countries

By Editor
Updated September 13 2023

Highlights: The top 5 EU countries where it’s easiest to get a work visa

  • Germany is among the top 5 EU countries that offer the easiest access to a work visa.
  • EU nations need skilled workers, and hence they are easing the work visa procedure to attract them from abroad.
  • Getting a work visa is easiest for non-Europeans in these top 5 countries in the EU.

Educated and skilled non-European nationals look up to many European nations to fulfill their dream of building a career in their field of work. These able professionals are quite knowledgeable about the brilliance of European nations in delivering world-class education and highly-rewarding employment opportunities. If you are one among those who are trying to find work in the EU, what we are going to explore in this blog will benefit you immensely.

We are going to explore which EU countries provide the easiest access to work visas which are required for non-Europeans to get employed in any European country. The good news these days is that European countries are gripped by a shortage of skilled workers to fill a large number of job vacancies there. With increasing dependence on immigrants, many EU nations are doing their best to attract more skilled foreigners to their shores.

Now, let’s check out which EU countries give the easiest access to a work visa.


One of the major reforms that the German government made to its Skilled Immigrations Act is the inclusion of an opportunity card for job seekers. Foreign workers are selected for immigration on a points basis, considering factors like education, language skills, and work experience. Just formal qualifications won’t cut it to get ahead in the line for skilled migration.

Any able non-European national can use the opportunity card with which they can seek work in Germany in a job or apprenticeship. The basic requirements are as simple as

  • Be aged under 35
  • Possess sufficient language skills in German
  • A 3-year professional experience in the relevant occupation

Another requirement for applicants is to prove that they have the funds to make it affordable to live in Germany for the period they seek work. Once they do find a job, they can switch to a Germany work visa smoothly.

A Germany work visa application takes about 1 to 3 months to process.

Need expert guidance to migrate to Germany? Contact Y-Axis.

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Denmark is looking for skilled professionals in fields like IT, healthcare, and education. The country has the following lists of categories of professionals they need in the country:

  • Positive List for Skilled Work
  • Positive List for People with a Higher Education

In case you are skilled in a profession listed in these lists, you become eligible to apply for a work permit as well as a Danish residence permit. If you are applying as a non-European national, your residence permit will be valid for a month. It’s actually set to help you prove that you are able enough to sustain for that period in Germany.

Statistics Denmark says that the country has over 72,000 job vacancies currently. A Denmark work visa application takes 30 days to process.

Need expert guidance to migrate to Denmark? Contact Y-Axis.

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There are numerous options Ireland gives you to apply for a work visa in the country. These include visas for both short and long terms. What’s even better, they need skilled professionals like you!

The two main types of work visas Ireland provide are:

  • Critical Skills Employment Permit for professions that are identified as critical to developing the economy of Ireland
  • General Employment Permit for all types of professions

Once you receive these work permits, you can apply for permanent residency in Ireland with relative ease. An Ireland work visa application takes about 8 weeks to process.


Recently, Portugal introduced a short-term visa for foreign workers who are willing to stay in the country for just one season. This will be beneficial for those who intend to join seasonal jobs.

In the normal case, a Portugal work visa will let you live and work in the country for not more than nine months. Seasonal work permits are work permits that allow you to work for more than one employer in Portugal.

Applications for a long-term work visa will be processed within months and are valid for up to 2 years. Stay in Portugal for a period of 5 years, and you are up for applying for permanent residence.

A Portugal work visa application takes 30 to 60 days to process.


Do you know about the Finland work visa that follows a fast-track process of 14 days? This process is meant to attract highly-skilled foreign workers to Finland.

A 90-day stay in Portugal can earn you the eligibility to apply for permanent residence.

A Finland work visa application takes up to 2 weeks to process.

Isn’t it great to know how many EU countries are providing you with an easy pathway for a work visa? For more information and assistance, talk to Y-Axis, the leading immigration and career consultant in the UAE.

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