Do you know what the switch from NOC to TEER category system is about?

Canada switches NOC levels with TEER categories from Nov. 16, 2022 (1)

Highlights of TEER category system in Canada

  • There will be a switch from NOC (National Occupational Classification) to the TEER category system in Canada immigration.
  • The TEER system will start on November 16, 2022.
  • An introduction to TEER classification will help you understand skill level requirements for Canada immigration.
  • The new skill categories will apply for Canada PR visa eligibility considerations.

Come November 16, 2022, Canada immigration eligibility for skilled worker migration will be determined by skill type or levels as mentioned in the TEER category system instead of NOC 2016. The present NOC system will be replaced with a 6-category system.

The skill type and skill level structure of the present NOC system is as follows:

  • NOC 0, A, B, C, and D

TEER’s 6-category system represents Training, Education, Experience, and Responsibilities.

4-digit occupation codes as it is with NOC will become 5-digit codes under TEER. All eligibility criteria for every program using NOC will now be updated under TEER.

Canada immigration programs that used the NOC skill type/levels will now use categories under TEER.

  • Most jobs will stay in the TEER category which draws equal status to the NOC skill level as mentioned in the table given below.
  • Skill level B jobs will possibly become jobs under TEER 2 or TEER 3 categories.
  • Some jobs may change to a different category under TEER.
  • You may search and determine your occupation under the NOC 2021 list and find out what category under TEER it belongs to.
NOC Skill type/level TEER category
Skill type 0 TEER 0
Skill level A TEER 1
Skill level B TEER 2 and TEER 3
Skill level C TEER 4
Skill level D TEER 5

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TEER categories and examples of jobs

TEER categories and examples of jobs
TEER Occupation types Examples
Management occupations
Advertising, marketing and public relations managers
Financial managers
TEER 1 Occupations that usually require a university degree Financial advisors and Software engineers
Occupations that usually require a college diploma apprenticeship training of 2 or more years, or supervisory occupations
Computer network and web technicians
Medical laboratory technologists and Bakers
TEER 3 Occupations that usually require a college diploma apprenticeship training of less than 2 years, or more than 6 months of on-the-job training Dental assistants and dental laboratory assistants
Occupations that usually require a high school diploma, or several weeks of on-the-job training
Home child care providers
Retail salespersons and visual merchandisers
Occupations that usually need short-term work demonstration and no formal education
Landscaping and grounds maintenance laborers
Delivery service drivers and door-to-door distributors

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Canada immigration programs

Canada immigration programs affected by this updated skill classification system are:

  • Express Entry
    • FSWP (Federal Skilled Worker Program)
    • FSTP (Federal Skilled Trades Program)
    • CEC (Canadian Experience Class)
  • PNP (Provincial Nominee Program)
  • AIP (Atlantic Immigration Program)
  • RNIP (Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot)
  • Caregiver programs
  • Out-of-status construction workers
  • Agri-Food Pilot
  • TFW (Temporary Foreign Worker) Program
  • International Mobility Program

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What to do to find out your TEER category

Use the table available online on the Canada immigration portal to find out your TEER category. Here are some of the in-demand occupations and their TEER codes:

TEER Category NOC Class title
1 11102 Financial advisors
1 11200 Human resources professionals
1 11201 Professional occupations in business management consulting
1 11202 Professional occupations in advertising, marketing, and public relations
1 21110 Biologists and related scientists
1 21200 Architects
1 21222 Information systems specialists
1 21223 Database analysts and data administrators
1 21230 Computer systems developers and programmers
1 21231 Software engineers and designers
1 21232 Software developers and programmers
1 21233 Web designers
1 21234 Web developers and programmers
1 21300 Civil engineers
1 21301 Mechanical engineers
1 21310 Electrical and electronics engineers
1 21390 Aerospace engineers
1 31120 Pharmacists
1 31301 Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses
2 22211 Industrial designers
2 32101 Licensed practical nurses
2 52120 Graphic designers and illustrators
2 52121 Interior designers and interior decorators
3 53123 Theatre, fashion, exhibit, and other creative designers

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