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Posted on August 03 2022

A new language test to be introduced for Canada immigration in 2023

By  Editor
Updated July 25 2023

Highlights of approved new language test for Canada immigration

  • IRCC has in principle approved a new language test for Canada immigration.
  • The new test will be implemented by early to mid-2023.
  • The name of the new language test is still not revealed.
  • More designated testing organizations are expected to be interested in that designation.

In the latest development in Canada immigration, IRCC has approved a new language test for Canada PR purposes in principle. The name of the new test is yet to be decided. The new language test is slated to be implemented in mid-2023.

The existing approved language tests are the following:

Tests for the English language

  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System)
  • CELPIP (Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program)

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Tests for the French language

  • TCF Canada (Test de connaissance du français)
  • TEF Canada (Test d’évaluation de français)

What led to the new language test?

During the pandemic, there was some difficulty in getting a sufficient number of designated testing organizations to conduct standard language tests for Canada PR. However, lately, the number of organizations that provide language test services has increased considerably. This has pushed IRCC to make improvements, solving the issues of long, complex, and lacking transparency.

Also, the roles and responsibilities of the department related to language tests are not well defined as of now. It also has overlapping policy and issues related to operational implications. IRCC’s language designation team is tasked with balancing file management with taking new policy priorities forward.

So, with the new measures, IRCC is aiming to improve its position with regard to language tests. The introduction of a new language test is part of this process.

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What priorities are IRCC working on?

IRCC has an immediate priority to commence the implementation process of the new language test. For this, it has to complete and sign the service agreement with a company that’s anonymous as yet. After this, an official designation will be issued to start implementation.

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IRCC’s mid-term priorities include working on policy analysis of emerging issues. Among the long-term priorities are

  • the focus on the broader review of the framework for a language designation
  • the emerging evidence outcomes that are connected to levels of benchmark for language proficiency
  • inclusion of the core technical designation criteria

Major measures in consideration for IRCC

  • Ensuring that all language test formats are equivalent in difficulty level and test purpose.
  • Creating a more efficient process for the designation of additional language tests for the French language.

Who needs to attend a standard language test?

Regarding standard language tests for Canada immigration, the following facts are noteworthy:

  • If you are participating in any of Canada’s economic class immigration programs, you will need to complete a designated language test in English or French.
  • When you apply for Canadian citizenship, persons between the ages of 18 and 54 will have to prove their language competency in English or French language.
  • International students must provide evidence of language proficiency right from when they get admission to an institution in Canada.

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What’s next for IRCC about language tests?

IRCC will take necessary action to work on supporting its ongoing priorities. This includes a review of the designation process with the aim of raising efficiency and transparency. Also, IRCC will take steps to improve communication internally and with the public. This is significant as it relates to the overall framework and plays an important role in garnering interest for additional testing organizations in the French language.

There’s a growing demand for language testing. Hence, IRCC will also explore whether it’s feasible to establish a language designation program with dedicated management and program functions. It will also have sufficient capacity to give support to an approach that’s more streamlined and coherent. This will help in testing language skills for Canada immigration.

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