A comparison of Canadian and US immigration

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If you ask aspiring immigrants their destination of choice, the possibilities are high that they would choose the USA or Canada. But if you had to choose between the USA and Canada, which one would you go for?

Here is a comparison between both the countries:

Migrating to Canada

The Canadian Immigration system as compared to the US is relatively flexible and open. The Federal Express Entry Program which was introduced in 2015 provides a pathway to the Canadian Green Card also called as Permanent Residency.

The Express Entry Program contains three migration programs- Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skill Trades Program, and the Canadian Experiences Class Program. All these programs are mostly points-based where points are granted on the basis of age, education, work experience in Canada and overseas, language proficiency, employment offer etc.

Each of the provinces in Canada also runs their own Provincial Nominee Programs which grants an immigrant nomination leading to Permanent Residence. The PNP programs keep in mind the demographic and economic needs of the province and can be a means to fast track your application through the Express Entry pool.

Canada also offers great opportunities to international students studying in Canada. The students may qualify for Post Graduation Work Permits which allows them to work full-time in Canada for up to 3 years. The work experience that they acquire can then further help them transition to Permanent Residents.

Canadian Permanent Residents also can sponsor their close family relatives for a PR Visa in Canada.

Migrating to the United States of America

The American Green Card is one of the most powerful immigration documents in the world. However, valuable as it may be, it is extremely difficult to obtain.

There are not many pathways to the American green card. One of the ways to a green card in the USA is through family ties.  US citizens and Permanent Residents can submit a petition for their close family relatives to receive green cards. The process, however, takes several years, as per The Times of India.

Another way to get the green card of USA is through employment.  For example, H1B Visa holders can apply for a Green Card after having spent at least 6 years in the USA on the H1B Visa. However, under the current political scenario, H1B holders are also finding it extremely difficult to get Green Cards.

The other route to obtaining a green card is through investment. The EB5 investment visa requires you to invest $ 500,000 USD in any govt. approved regional center. Not many people can afford such an investment.


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