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Posted on July 14 2022

Collaborations with 10 world destinations to foster remote work overseas

By Editor
Updated July 25 2023

Blog highlights:

  • Airbnb announced a collaboration with 20 destinations to facilitate remote working to work overseas.
  • The Live and Work Anywhere initiative launched earlier in 2022 helps professionals including digital nomads.
  • Collaborations with those countries will facilitate multi-directional activities.
A new program that has its foundation on the idea of promoting the work culture of digital nomads and professionals looking for working on the move has been announced by Airbnb. As per the update, Airbnb will undertake collaboration with the 20 best destinations that are willing to give permits to professionals to live and work there. Airbnb launched the Live and Work Anywhere initiative earlier in 2022. Under this initiative, they identified the world’s most remote worker-friendly locations. They also extended assistance to governments and DMOs (Destination Marketing Organizations) to revive tourism. In the process, they will provide economic support to communities after more than 2 years of COVID-induced travel restrictions.

Best destinations to do remote work overseas

Place Country
Baja California Sur Mexico
Bali Indonesia
Brindisi, Puglia Italy
Buenos Aires Argentina
Caribbean West Indies
Canary Islands Spain
Cape Town South Africa
Colombia Colombia
Dubai United Arab Emirates
Friuli-Venezia Giulia Italy
Lisbon Portugal
Malta Malta
Mexico City Mexico
Palm Springs, California USA
Queensland Australia
Rural France France
Salzkammergut Austria
Tampa Bay, Florida USA
Thailand Thailand
Tulsa, Oklahoma USA
  In the next few months, Airbnb will work closely with individual organizations involved in this program to achieve the following:
  • Develop dedicated hubs that are custom-built for the specific destination
  • Showcase the best of long-term stay listings
  • Deliver important information on entry requirements as well as tax policies in the destination country
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Collaboration with destinations will also promote educational campaigns. This will be meant to promote responsible remote working and hosting. The destination hubs will open later in 2022.
The optimal destinations that are chosen for remote workers and digital nomads range from whole countries to smaller locations including lesser-known towns. They are chosen for how remote workers like these destinations. Another factor is the progressive approach of these locations as to the policies that are favorable to these new-age working trends.
This initiative for remote workers is the next step of what has already been done during the COVID-19 pandemic. At that time, Airbnb had collaborated with 160 governments and DMOs with the aim of supporting efforts to encourage the revival of tourism to the communities of those countries/regions. These include Buenos Ires, Malaga, and the French Rural Mayors Association. Recommended articles... Australia to step up visa processing of skilled workers The role of digital nomads and remote workers is important to the progress of an economy. They can contribute to fostering entrepreneurship in the communities abroad where they stay. In the long run, it will create technology clusters around the world. If you are willing to work overseas, talk to Y-Axis, the leading immigration and career consultant in the UAE. If you find this blog engaging, you may also like... Processing time for employer-sponsored green cards rises


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