CGCC urges Canadian Federal Parties to support facilitative immigration


The Boards of Trade and the Chamber of Commerce called on the federal parties who are running for the upcoming Canadian elections. They urged the parties to implement better skills training for overseas workers coming to Canada. They also said that it was important to promote better and effective immigration policies.

Canada’s Global Cities Council recommended that all federal parties should commit to immigration strategies that enhance talent development. Some recommendations given were:

  • Increased participation in the workforce
  • Encourage trades participation
  • Affordable and wider access to childcare
  • Special incentives to encourage continuous skill improvement

Michel LeBlanc is the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal. He says that the Canadian labour market is under pressure because of:

  • Stagnant wages
  • Increased skill gap
  • Ageing workforce
  • Decreasing participation rate of the workforce

He further added that Canada should adopt smarter immigration policies. Also, the Govt. should double the strategic investment in Canadians.

The Canadian Global Cities Council says that the Canadian Govt. should focus on facilitative immigration. They should increase the administration of immigration to address the shortage of workforce in Canada. This will help businesses in the country get access to a greater talent pool.

The CGCC also said that Canada should encourage faster visa processing and exemptions on Work Permits. The Govt. should also implement industry-specific Work Permits for temporary foreign workers.

The CGCC also said that special measures should be taken to retain foreign students. Canada should enhance credential recognition and launch a “Trusted Employer Program”. The program will help streamline visa applications for business along with a consistent and proven track record.

Canada has made its mark internationally for its high quality of education. LeBlanc said that Canada should use such assets as leverage to train, attract and retain foreign talent.

CGCC’s primary goal is to help influence the country’s policies and help build a sustainable and competitive economy. The cities that participated were:

  • Winnipeg
  • Brampton
  • Vancouver
  • Calgary
  • Toronto
  • Edmonton
  • Montreal
  • Halifax


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