Canada work permit keeps a steady run in 2020

Canada work permit issue 2020

The status of Canada work permit visa since the onset of COVID-19 pandemic and the resultant restrictions at multiple levels shows an interesting scenario.

In January 2020, a total of 32,995 work permits were issued. In March 2020, after COVID-19 was declared a pandemic and preventive measures came into force, the total work permits issued came down to 19,650. This was a 28% decrease when compared with March 2019.

April 2020 began to see improvements with work permit count reaching 29,000, though it was 22% lesser than what it was in April 2019. In May 2020, 25,125 work permits were issued. Compared to May 2019, the count was 45% lesser.

The decrease in work permit count in May 2020 was attributed to the lesser number of SAWP (Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program) permits.

The performance of immigration Canada regarding work permits issued to those eligible to work in the country via the IMP (International Mobility Program) or the TFWP (Temporary Foreign Worker Program) has been monitored.

It showed that TFWP admits lesser foreign workers than IMP to Canada. TFWP was created to enable Canadian employers to hire foreign talent in the event of having no workers available from among native Canadians to man their job vacancies. TFWP is the stream that is used to admit seasonal workers in the Agriculture sector, just like it does for many other sectors.

IMP was more involved in addressing the concerns of Canada’s social and economic needs in a broader scenario. IMP includes PGWP (Post Graduation Work Permit) and GTS (Global Talent Stream).

PGWP helps international students gain up to 3 years of work experience in Canada. When it comes to attempting for Canadian permanent residence, this work experience will offer a considerable push to the profile. This year, even those who study courses online are eligible for a PGWP visa, which is in contrast with the normal procedure.

GTS is aimed at tech workers who are employees of designated companies or are hired to work in high-skilled jobs. The standard time stipulated for the GTS visa is 2 weeks.

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