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Posted on October 12 2022

Canada to invite 23,100 Parents and Grandparents

By  Editor
Updated July 25 2023

Highlights: IRCC to issue invitations to 23,100 parents and grandparents

  • IRCC announced to take applications for the Parents and Grandparents Program
  • In the coming two weeks, IRCC planned to issue invitations to apply to 23,100 parents and grandparents
  • IRCC has the goal of accepting 15,000 applications for sponsorship under PGP 2022

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IRCC to accept 23,100 complete applications under PGP 2022

Canada has announced about the acceptance of applications for the Parents and Grandparents Program. The number of ITAs to be issued in the next two weeks is 23,100. IRCC will prefer those people who showed interest to invite their parents and grandparents in autumn 2020. The number of sponsors in the pool is 155,000.

In 2020 sponsors were given three weeks to show their interest of sponsoring by filling out a form available on the IRCC website. IRCC held a lottery and 10,000 applications were approved for PGP 2020. In 2021, 30,000 applications were accepted under PGP.

Eligibility criteria for PGP to sponsor your parents and grandparents

Sponsors have to fulfill the eligibility criteria mentioned below to invite their parents and grandparents:

  • Sponsors should have filled out an interest to sponsor form available on the IRCC website between 12 PM ET on October 13, 2020 and 12 PM ET on November 3, 2020 to be eligible for sponsorship.
  • The age of the sponsors should be at least 18 years.
  • Sponsors should be living in Canada. An eligible sponsor should be a
    • Canadian citizen
    • Permanent resident
    • Indian registered in Canada under Canadian Indian Act
  • Sponsors should have enough money to support their parents and grandparents by showing proof of meeting the Minimum Necessary Income (MNI).

The proof of MNI should be provided after the acceptance of interest in sponsorship through an online form. Sponsors all over Canada except Quebec also have to provide the Notices of Assessment issued by the Canada Revenue Agency to show proof of tax payment for 2020, 2021, and 2022.

Size of family

Sponsors have to think about the size of their families as they have to provide information about minimum necessary income requirements. The family members include the following:

  • Sponsor
  • Common-law partner or spouse
  • Dependent children
  • Dependent children of the spouse or common-law partner
  • Already sponsored person who is still dependent
  • Parents grandparents and their dependents
  • Dependent children who want to migrate to Canada with their parents and grandparents
  • Separated spouse of parent and grandparent

MNI thresholds have been lowered up to 30 percent by IRCC for 2020 and 2021 due to loss of income during the pandemic.

Sponsors in Quebec

Sponsors in Quebec also have to go for their income assessment to invite their parents and grandparents. The assessment will be done by the Ministry in Quebec. IRCC and the Ministry of Quebec will need a signed undertaking which has to be submitted by the sponsors in Quebec. This undertaking will help in setting the time for the financial responsibility of the sponsors.

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The length of undertaking in Canada is 20 years for parents and grandparents while for Quebec it is ten years.

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