Canada reassures gender equality on International Women’s Day

Canada launches gender equality initiatives on women's day

Women’s Day 2021 was a special occasion in Canada. The Canadian government announced measures to uplift women and improve matters at their end.

The Canadian government recognizes the need to address the specific impact that women and children had during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hence it makes policies and develops solutions to which women’s organizations contribute with their programs and support activities.

On International Women’s Day, Canada announced $250,000 to support the WomanACT and $205,752 to extend support to the North York Women’s Center. These funds will be used to directly support both these organizations. Their capacity to promote gender equality initiatives in their community will be increased with such funding.

The funding is also aimed at enabling these organizations to develop and implement a strategic management plan to:

  • Redefine processes and systems in the organization
  • Do analysis
  • Highlight documentation
  • Evaluate WomanACT’s advocacy in an organization and the policy programming involved

The basic purpose of the funding is also to increase gender equality. This will be a step towards ensuring a more diverse Canada that upholds the recognition of women and their social status. This will be loved by Canada immigration candidates all over the world.

The funding will also give support to the North York Women’s Center to create and implement:

  • A fundraising strategy
  • A strategic plan for organizing activities
  • A strategy to engage volunteers and members
  • The improvement of the sustainability and governance structure of the organization

It will become possible for women and girls to develop their skills and take part in the affairs of the Canadian society feeling safe and empowered, getting all the help they require.

These 2 organizations are among the 250 indigenous and women’s organizations that serve women across Canada. They receive funding under the capital-building fund of Women & Gender Equality Canada. This funding is part of the $100 million announced in the budget of 2018. It was set aside to support a viable and sustainable movement for women across the country.

With the investments the Canadian government is making in women’s organizations, the Canadian government is helping to ensure that women and their communities can attain prosperity and contribute to a fairer and stronger economy for all in the country.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Justin Trudeau, the PM of Canada, gave some glowing examples of his government’s commitment to the cause of women’s development. Here are a few from his official message on the occasion:

  • He reaffirmed his government’s commitment to gender equality, to allow girls and women to contribute with their full potential towards building a safer, better, and more inclusive nation.
  • He declared that the theme of 2021 will be #FeministRecovery.
  • He said that the pandemic created a she-cession that threatened to lose all the hard-earned economic and social progress of women in Canada.
  • He announced that his government has established a task-force on women in the Canadian economy which can advise the government. They will help the Canadian government in forming a feminist, intersectional plan to take up and resolve the issues of gender equality that have risen due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • He assured that his government will continue to support women and girls beyond the borders via its Feminist International Assistance Policy.
  • He also reiterated the role women have played in leading the country’s response to the pandemic and fighting the crisis at the forefronts risking their own health and well-being.

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