Canada reaps the gains of a hostile US stance on immigration

Canada lures tech workers from US

The H-1B crackdown by the Trump administration has hit the skilled international IT professionals in the US. As they are distraught and doubtful about the prospects in the US, Canada has projected itself as the next best choice they have.

Canada has in fact started off with a campaign to lure those IT professionals with opportunities as good if not better than the US. Through Canada immigration, talented professionals in the IT sector are now turning to Canada.

The interest in Canada is not only shown by IT workers but also by US tech companies who are troubled by the visa difficulties the US has developed lately.

While Donald Trump has been enthusiastic about cutting on immigration and limiting work visas, Canada has been quite spirited about welcoming more skilled people into the country to work and invest in their economy.

While Donald Trump has been taking an anti-immigrant stance all the while to ensure jobs for Americans, Canada’s federal government was busy forming migrant-friendly policies and conducting immigration events.

The approaches of both nations have been the same even before the onset of the pandemic. They have stayed the same even while COVID-19 measures and restrictions have been imposed.

Canada has worked on its immigrant policies with immigration streams like the Global Talent Stream. The Stream promises visa processing within 2 weeks and can help Canada to benefit from a potential exodus of talented and skilled workers upset with the policies of the US.

Trump has contributed largely to the increase in red tape within the US visa system. Today, in the US, visa processing times are higher and there is spiking uncertainty leaving candidates and employers in limbo, desperate for hiring new people.

So, now that the US has suspended most work-visas, including H-1B, till the end of 2020, the situation is opening up an opportunity for Canada. The Global Talent Stream is now targeting specific occupations in the technology sector. Fast processing times are an added advantage in immigration Canada is offering for this stream.

It’s now possible for Canadian employers to make a job offer and get a candidate on the floor in 10 working days. This is in sharp contrast with the situation before the Global Talent Stream. Then, the process took at least 6 months.

Even if the immigration scene in Canada is affected by its own COVID-19 travel restrictions, people around the world have recognized the nation’s open attitude to immigration. This means that post-COVID-19 when the system will be back in full swing, the immigration process will have become smoother and safer.

But in the US, the same confidence is missing, especially with a presidential election on the cards.

The stability of Canada’s policies and processes makes tech companies and workers able to make long-term plans. The thriving hubs of technology in Canada like Waterloo, Vancouver, and Toronto are now major attractions for the tech-related candidates and employers.

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